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Energy Calculator

EnPIRE is designed to be the daily companion for the process/energy professionals. It is designed to provide engineers with handy access to a unit converter, steam tables, pumps and compressors energy calculations and analysis with multiple systems of units.

About client

Client name: EnPIRE is GAPTECH (Gulf Advanced Process Technologies)
They are a consulting firm specialized in the field of energy & process optimization, providing technical studies, software tools, training, and basic engineering for energy and process industries. They specialize in providing Integrated Energy and Utilities Performance Management solutions and Process Improvement Strategies that maximize operational efficiencies and help improve designs of complex, energy-intensive facilities.
INDUSTRY Engineering industry

5 Members


4 Months



Client Rating


The challenge was to develop easy, quick and user-friendly solution that is always available for the engineers to use for their daily calculations without having to google every different energy or unit converters in different websites


Enpire provides the perfect support for engineers where it can convert almost all units, helps in many daily and time sensitive calculation and provides analysis with multiple system of units Enpire has a plethora of advice and experts in the support section ready for every engineer’s need or questions.


Enpire fulfils every engineers daily urgent needs in calculations, unit conversions or experts advices and support!
Unit converter
Steam tables calculations
Pumps calculations
Compressors energy calculations
Experts support
Analysis with multiple systems of units


Scope Mobile Application We delivered the app for both iOS and Android platforms.
Technology Mobile Development
Team 5 Members Front-end and back-end developers, Scrum Master, a QA Specialist and a UI designer.
Duration 4 Months The solution is launched and we currently maintain it.

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