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Hospitality Management Software: How to choose the right one

When was the last time you stayed in a hotel while traveling? Was the experience pleasant or like a nightmare? We all have our fair share of experiences. Some hotels have left a long-lasting impression on us because of their amazing hospitality and service. Others, on the other hand, we’d rather forget. For years, hotel managers struggled to provide adequate service. They failed because there wasn’t much technology around. But now with hospitality management software, things have become much easier.

Why do you need hospitality management software?

A hotel is like an enormous organism. Like any other organism, there are several parts with particular functions. If one fails, the entire organism will collapse. The brain controls all the parts giving signals on how to act. Hospitality management software is the brain of the hotel.

Back in the day, hotel managers used excel sheets or long notes to collect information and organize. It was a tedious process. In addition, there was a significant risk of synchronization disorder.

But now with the invention of software, one can easily do this. You can coordinate with all the different departments of the hotel. You can keep track of all the ins and outs.

Getting Ready to Make the Right Decision

Before thinking of getting the right hospitality management software, you should create a framework in your mind. Think of how your hotel will operate in the future. Consider factors like scalability and functionality. Most times, people choose software without doing much research. So, let’s check out the things you should do before choosing the software.

Recognizing the type of your hotel

The majority of businesses fail miserably because the owners themselves don’t know much about the company. So, before choosing the software, you need to know what type of hotel you have. You have to evaluate factors like the location, services, and even the number of rooms.

You may be wondering what’s the importance of this. Well, when you know which components require greater attention, the software may adjust accordingly.

Software Validity

There are thousands of software providers out there. But only a handful of them is trustworthy. So, make sure you choose hospitality management software from the right provider.

Also, consider what solutions you require from the software. Try to recognize the problems you are facing with your hotel. Then choose a software that offers solutions to them.

Features of a Great Hospitality management software

A great hospitality management software will open new doorways for your hotel. So, without further ado, let’s check out some features of hospitality management software.

Covers most of your needs

Every hospitality management software has some basic features like Reports and Channel management, CRM, and an online booking engine. But to make your hotel stand out, you need some additional features.

Suppose your hotel has spa facilities for the customers. So, you need to have a separate booking and accounting system for collecting and managing the information. You have to make sure that the software is available for all sorts of integrations.


Most software has different prices depending on the size and functionality of your hotel. Usually, the prices are between $1000 to $2500 dollars. But there is a bummer. At first, you may think that the software is perfect for your hotel. But gradually you realize you need additional services. Some software unlocks these additional features at a later stage when you pay them more money.

That’s why you need software that is upfront with you. Make sure there are no hidden fees or expenses. A good strategy is to make your own property management system to avoid unnecessary fees.

Highly secured

When someone checks into your hotel, they will give their personal information to you. Your job is to protect them at all costs. If somehow their personal information gets mishandled, the customers will lose their trust.

That’s why security is the topmost priority of hospitality management software. They use cutting-edge technology to assure the security of all customer data. But still unfortunate events can occur. Nowadays, hackers’ main targets are SaaS providers. They are trying to breach into their system to get their hands on all the data. So before choosing, test the security of the software. Check out how they are storing the data.


At first, everything seems exciting. You want to launch your hotel as quickly as possible.  You don’t think about the long-term plans. But this can be problematic in the future.

Your hotel is going to be small in the beginning. Gradually, it will increase in size. When it happens, you’ll need software that can keep up. If you only choose software thinking about the start, it won’t be much useful in the future with its basic features. As time goes on you have to incorporate features like third-party integrations and more. So, make sure the software has the capability to scale.

Easy To use

It may seem that software with too many features is a good thing but it certainly is not. When the software is complicated, your employees will have a hard time figuring it out. You may even need to spend extra money by training them or getting help from professionals. So, avoid selecting software that is difficult to configure or integrate. Choose software with a sleek user interface that is easy to use.

Final Thoughts

With so many hospitality management software out there, it’s tough to find the right one for you. We have talked about the features of great software but how can you find them?

The best way is to search for them online and use the trial version. If everything seems convincing to you, only then pay for it. You can also begin with a minimum viable product and gradually improve your system. The first few rides will be bumpy. However, you will soon glimpse the face of success.