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5 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Software Development

Suppose you have an amazing idea. The idea is fresh and there are no significant competitors out there. You may start thinking that you are so close to creating your dream startup. But it’s far from it. The real struggle starts when you begin developing the required software for it. You will encounter budget problems along with trouble finding the right expertise. Things can get so awful that you may even think of dropping the project. In this time of distress, outsourcing platforms can be a lifesaver for you.

Why do businesses outsource software development?

The job market is tight. There are so many developers in the market now. Each with their own set of skills and knowledge. Some demand an outrageous amount of money while others have poor work ethics.  Hiring a full-time developer does not just cost money, it costs a lot of time as well.

Furthermore, it’s difficult to find candidates who can work and live in the same location as the offices. That’s why companies tend to look for outsourcing.

Back in the day, it was only large corporations that went abroad. Now with the modern technology and ease of communication, small and medium-sized companies are hiring them too. Here’s a fun fact to pique your interest. Even Google has more outsourcers than actual employees.

5 Reasons why you should outsource software development

Developing software is like peeling off an onion. There are just layers after layers of work. Planning, testing, deploying, and maintenance each requires a team of professionals. Many people debate that outsourcing software development is not fruitful. But we beg to differ. So, here are the 5 reasons why you should outsource software development.

Cost savings

Hiring the right professionals with the right skillset is hard. Even top recruiters won’t be able to do it effectively. On top of that, the rigorous hiring process is like a nightmare. You will lose your sleep and appetite in the process but still won’t be able to find the right candidate.

With outsourcing, you can find the best candidate within a very short time. To hire a full-time employee, you will need to cover all the expenses. This includes the employment taxes, benefits, equipment costs plus other additional costs. All this leads up to a behemoth amount of money. If you are on a tight budget, that’s the end of your dream project.

On the contrary, you can hire an outsourcing company like Enozom with a reasonable amount of money. You can pay them based on how many hours they work without any complications.

Faster Development

The software that hits the market first wins. If you spend an eternity developing your software then you are not going to go very far. By the time it’s done, your competitors will start to release products from their apps.

With outsourcing, you can get the work done in just a couple of days. In the outsourcing platforms, you will see various kinds of developers. Some take time while others work incredibly fast. By hiring them, you will get a significant edge over your competitors.

Many outsourcing developers like Enozom can even develop the minimum viable product in 12 weeks. They just need an agile methodology and the right instructions.

Experienced Developers

I know what you are thinking right now. What about the qualification of these developers? Will they have the same coding skills or degrees as a full-time employee? Will the work be as good as a professional IT firm? Well, it may be even better. The best part is that you can get a much better service with less amount of time and money.

In any outsourcing platform, you can choose between thousands of developers. They have tons of experience in developing quality software. In Enozom, you will find UI/UX designers, maintenance workers, tool editors, you name it. No matter how odd your requirement is, there will be someone who knows how to do it. They will always deliver the best results on time.

Focusing on core activity

Outsourcing helps you save a lot of time. Therefore, you can focus on the main objectives of your business rather than wasting time on the technological aspect. Think of it like this. You have a startup that sells flowers to people. Your main focus has to be on bringing different varieties of flowers and presenting them in an adequate way. Creating suitable software for it is secondary. So, let the Enozom handle that.

While they cover the rest, you can work on your main strengths. Build the infrastructure of your business. Your company will start to flourish.

Better Risk Management

Suppose you hire a professional for your company. You assign them to a software project. What if they quit halfway through for some reason? Missed deadlines, internal conflicts are everyday problems in traditional work. But in outsourcing, you don’t have to face such problems.

When you hire Enozom, they will finish the work according to the contract. Therefore, your software will be up and running in no time. Outsourcing minimizes the risks and safeguards your business.

Things to look out for while you outsource software development

Before you hire a developer from an outsourcing platform, check a few things.

Test the waters

Make sure the developer is familiar with your industry. See if they have worked on previous projects similar to yours. A good way to figure this out is by looking at the reviews.


Communication is the key. You will often encounter developers who don’t respond on time. Make sure you hire a developer who notifies you every step of the way.

Final Thoughts

Outsourcing is a phenomenon that has made an entrepreneur’s life much easier. People were afraid to take risks before the inception of outsourcing. They wondered how they could develop their software without blowing their entire capital. Now with outsourcing, every entrepreneur’s dream can come to reality.