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Software Outsourcing
Build Your Own Development Team and Have Full Control

Outsourcing software development means hiring an external team to create, maintain, or update software applications. It offers cost savings, access to specialized skills, and increased flexibility.

Enozom has a team of experienced Web & Mobile app developers working on different platforms to build solutions of high performance, high availability, and better user experience.

Outsourcing enables you to build your own virtual team of Enozom experts that will be dedicated only to your project in a specified period of time helps you avoid the headache and risks of forming a Development Unit on your site and getting trapped in the infinite loop of employees’ turnover and increasing operation costs which would affect directly the cost, quality and time taken to have your project done.

Our Dedicated Team Model gives you full control of resources, cost, and time. You can build your team either to develop new solutions or to make changes to existing ones, so you are in full control of the project’s scope.

Enozom successfully delivered outsourced web and mobile solutions for clients in the USA, UK, Egypt, KSA, UAE, France, and Germany. Visit the Case Studies page for more information about our delivered projects and apps.

Project execution by experienced product builders.

Cost Control

Cost saving and control: dedicated teams reduce development costs by 20% of fixed quote models.

On-going Support and Maintenance

Dedicated teams provide full ongoing support for your software solution with a very high response and professional support team.

Resources Adjustment

Hiring a dedicated team gives you full control of the resources adjustment within the team.

Business Applications Experience

Enozom has developed a large number of solutions serving different business types and models. A dedicated team will be fully focused on the business requirements.

Time Saving

As the team is dedicated to the project, development time decreases by 20%


Having your own team hired gives you flexibility in project requirements, scope, and changes as well as new additions and enhancements.

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