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Football Fields Reservation

Mal3abak is a mobile application which links football-lovers to the nearby facilities, providing an easiest way to practice football. Because Mal3abak knows that you get tired of hassle of searching fields to play football or calling to book a field and get no answer, Mal3abak app change it and make everything is reachable just by one click.

About client

Client Name: Mal3abk
Mal3abk is an independent startup that is focused on making football lovers’ lives easier when it comes to reserving a football field near them or checking availability of reservation or scheduling one for later. All done in a press of a button.
INDUSTRY Entertainment and sports industry

5 Members


4 Months



Client Rating


Searching for near-by football fields is a big hassle, even after getting the field it's not guaranteed to get an answer when you call them. From the field owner’s side it’s not easy to market to their fields and create special offers for un-allocated time slots.


Mal3abak is a user-friendly mobile app available for both iOS and Android phones. Where users can search for football fields, book a time slot and share the reservation with their friends. In addition to the booking functionalities users can book a training in one of the available football academies and participates in a football league.


Mal3bak mobile app is filled with features tailored for football lovers like participating in football league with their team, or a football academy, checking the latest news, reserve a nearby football field and sharing the reservation details to all their friends and more!
Football academies
Search football fields
Book time slot
Share reservation details
Participate football league


Scope Mobile Application We delivered the app for both iOS and Android platforms.
Technology Mobile Development
Team 5 Members Mobile and back-end developers, Scrum Master, a QA Specialist and a UI designer.
Duration 4 Months The solution is launched and we currently maintain it.

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