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Android Development Company

Android app development essentially entails heavy advantages, starting with being the most used mobile platform, discoverability, high reliability of Ad attribution, cost-effectiveness, and the list is unending. Our Mobile team has years of experience in implementing high-performance Android mobile apps using Kotlin.

“Creating Android applications is not just about writing code, it’s about crafting an engaging user experience that seamlessly integrates with the device’s hardware and software capabilities.”


Sara Hussien

Senior software engineer

Our Android developers help you develop high quality applications faster

Different clients require different levels of engagement and support. Our work setup and Agile principles allow us to adjust to a project’s specific requirements and provide tailor-made service.

Native Android app development

Enozom uses the Android SDK and programming languages like Java or Kotlin to create apps that run specifically on Android devices, providing high performance and access to device features.

API Integration

API integration in Android development involves incorporating third-party APIs into apps to access data and functionalities from other services, such as social media platforms, payment gateways, or weather forecasts, through programming interfaces and libraries.


Enozom uses Firebase platform that provides a range of services, including authentication, real-time databases, cloud messaging, and more.

Fast development time & Cost-effective

Enozom can build your development team kick-start your project and save you the time and cost of building an in-house development team.

Secure authorization and authentication

We secure communication protocols to protect sensitive user data, prevent man-in-the-middle attacks, and ensure that any third-party libraries or APIs used in the app also use secure communication protocols. Our developers help prevent data breaches and protect their users' sensitive information.

Our Android
Development Services

Product managers, designers, web developers, mobile developers, and quality engineers who deliver software projects on time and maintain top-notch development standards.

Custom Android app development

Maintenance and Updates


Cloud Integration

User interface design

Integration Services

Hire a dedicated team of top 2% Android developers

At Enozom our dedicated Android developers team is capable enough to provide solutions to any complex project. When you hire our Android developers, expect the following advantages:


We are using the latest technologies either in web design or in web development to provide the best performance for our delivered web applications.

Business Applications Experience

Enozom has developed a large number of web-based web applications that serve different scales of an organization starting from small companies to enterprises.


Our web applications pass through different types of testing: functional testing, integration testing, security testing, and load testing.

E-Commerce Experience

Enozom successfully delivered many e-commerce websites on different platforms.

Scalable Applications

We care about software architecture and different types of optimizations to deliver scalable applications in terms of functionality and number of concurrent users.

On-going Support and Maintenance

Our job doesn’t end by delivering the application, but it continues after delivery to support the web application with a very high response and professional support team.

Our Process

As a top 2% Android development company in Egypt, our dedicated Android developers follow complete agile development practices to deliver the project on time based on the client’s project requirements.

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With the project's launch, the company had many subscriptions to their products, exceeding their initial target. Enozom Software cleverly converted the client's ideas into very user-friendly features. The project was delivered promptly, with minor bugs easily fixed quickly.

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