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Physical Assets Verification Software

ePAV™ is a digital data collection app that allows companies to conduct a PAV, inventory audit or any field data collection and verification exercise with 4 times more accuracy and in half the time. With standardized and pre-populated data points, the app eliminates human error, standardizes data from the source and eliminates the requirement for post walk down data processing.

About client

Client name: Hossein Abbas Ghavimi, R&D Manager, Add Energy
Our client is part of ABL Group - the global independent energy and marine consultants, working in energy and oceans to de-risk and drive the energy transition across renewables, maritime, and oil & gas. Add Energy provides specialised consultancy services that enable safe, compliant and efficient solutions which are supported by a unique toolbox of proprietary software and analytical tools.
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8 Months



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The challenge was to offer a solution that facilitates the PAV process and automates it. The usual process was done by using paper forms in the fields to collect data, then enetring the data into excel sheets or tables to submit them to the main offices. ePAV offered the solution to automate the inspection and verification process and eliminate the headache of papaer work.


ePAV provided a comprehensive solution for field inspection and verification process using a fully dynamic web based form builder where admins can build the inspection and data gathering forms, and the mobile app with which field engineers and workers can gather data and submit them. Gathered data afterwards are submitted to admins where they can review and compare gathered data to keep track of the assets status and performance.


EPav is a digital data collection app that allows companies to conduct data collection, submission and review. You create projects and assign users to it, configure your verification process and build forms. The app also eliminates human error, standardised data from the source and eliminates the requirement for post walk down data processing.
Creating Projects
Verification Process
Form Builder
Assigning Users
Data Submission
Data Review

What client say

“Enozom Software has received highly positive feedback from the internal team. Their output resulted in multiple sales on the app shortly after it was launched. Overall, their care for their customers stands out from a software development standpoint.”

Hossein Abbas Ghavimi

R&D Manager, Add Energy


Scope Website The solution is both informative and visually appealing. Mobile Application We delivered the app for both iOS and Android platforms. Admin Back Office The dynamic solution for building forms and managing gathered data.
Technology Mobile Development and Web Development
Team 6 Members The team consists of Mobile, Front-end and Back-end Developers, a QA Specialist, and a Scrum Master.
Duration 8 Months The solution is launched and we currently maintain it.

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