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Join the top
2% developers

Our teams are built from the best 2% product managers, designers, web developers, mobile developers, and quality engineers that deliver projects on-time and maintain the top-notch development standards.

recruitment process

We value your and our time. That’s why we strive to make everything as efficient as possible. You can become part of Enozom team in just a few simple steps.


(48% candidates pass rate)

Applicants are screened on their technical skills, past experience, and the complexity of their previous work.

Initial Screening

(18% candidates pass rate)

We measure the candidates’ language and interpersonal skills, and their basic technical skills by a simple task.

Technical Interviewing

(6% candidates pass rate)

Candidates are evaluated on terms of their technical experience and communication and interpersonal skills.

Technical Test

(2% candidates pass rate)

Candidates are invited to do a full work-day test at Enozom premises. Their work is evaluated by our tech leads.


(2% candidates pass rate)

After evaluating the candidates’ technical skills and soft skills, the job offers are sent to the selected top 2%.

Our current openings

- Sorry, There are no open vacancies currently.

than just a job

Growth and Career Path

Enozom carefully selects the Top 2% of tech talents and offers them whatever is needed for them to grow.

Culture and Work Environment

 Looking for positive workplace culture? That’s Enozom team where you can find all the support. We do go through hard times and workloads, but when we decide to take a break and have fun Nothing Can Stop Us!


Competitive packages, raises and profit share, Enozom must appreciate its talents are the main reason for success.

Learning budget

Enozom invests a lot in its team’s training and continuous learning process, so each and everyone in the team gets well prepared to any challenges they face in any project.

Gaining experience

Dealing with teammates of different expertise will help you gain more experience. Also you will be learning and introduced to the latest technologies.

Diverse projects

At Enozom, you will gain a lot of experience thanks to the variety of projects in different fields and sectors you will be working on.