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Useful Tools to Manage your Art Business

Digital transformation has been an essential thing to do for whatever business or industry you are working in. many sectors have been influenced by digital transformation and custom software development such as travel, education, healthcare, on-demand services and many more sectors. So why not art business and artists? If you haven’t known about that, it’s one of the most influenced sectors by digital transformation and custom software. Here we will go through some tools that are especially dedicated to artworks, artists, collectors and galleries.

Art E-commerce Platforms

As almost everything can be bought online, also artworks have E-commerce platforms where artists can post their artworks and customers can browse the artworks and buy them easily. An example for artworks E-commerce platforms is Arab Art for Sale a platform where artists can register and add their work for free, and customers can find different artworks of different categories. There are also Hangable, ArtPal, Online Gallery, Singulart, Art finder and many more online shopping platforms for artworks.

Galleries Management Systems

There are now many useful tools dedicated especially for art galleries business and their management. Such tools enable galleries to stay organized while managing their inventory of artworks, artists they are dealing with and of course their sales and customers. Some examples of galleries management systems are Veevart, WrkLst and Artlogic.

Artists Tools

Artists are their own business, so they need to manage this business with all its aspects with the right tools so they can showcase their work, keep track of them, manage their customers and their sales too. Useful tools to do this are Artfundi, ArtBase and My Art Collection.

Art Collectors Tools

Collectors especially those with big collections do need some software solutions to enable them keep organized and keep tracking their collections and pieces. As collecting art takes time and passion, collectors will need to keep all recorded and categorized in one place. Examples for helpful tools are Artfundi, Second Canvas and My Art Collection.

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