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Top Video Conferencing APIs Providers for web& mobile apps

In this nightmarish era of the pandemic, we can’t go attend a meeting in person. Back in the day, we called each other on the phone or by message. Then met and talked for hours on end. But now things have changed. Talking in person seems like a distant dream. Everything has now become virtual. that is why we will introduce the top video conferencing APIs providers for web& mobile apps.

Video chat is something people were always fond of. No matter how far people were from their friends and families, they could communicate. Now in this pandemic, this has become much more useful. We can attend meetings, keep up our corporate work from the pleasure of our home. This is possible because of plenty of video conferencing API providers.

With the increasing popularity, it’s quite possible to grow a business around this. In this article, we will talk about the top video conferencing API providers. You can use them for your on-demand mobile services app.

What is a Video Conferencing API?

Suppose you have an on-demand services app or online shopping platform. You want to add an exciting video and audio integration tool. But can you do it by yourself? The software development itself is going to be quite difficult. On top of that tech companies are going to charge you tons of money. This is where API providers come in.

They provide the necessities and infrastructure to build the video conferencing features. There are lots of voice conferencing tools. Developers can incorporate them into a mobile app or web app. These tools are usually available in API or SDK. Providers use them to build video conferencing features.

Why Should You Use a video Conferencing API?

Video Conferencing APIs have made our life a lot easier. On countless occasions, we need to connect with different people. The virtual communication system is smooth, convenient, and easy to use. Also, we may think they are tremendously expensive. But the truth is this cutting-edge technology is cost-effective as well. So, without further ado, let’s check out some of the reasons why you should use a video conferencing API.

1. Highly Systematic

Try to remember a usual meeting scenario. Your planning for a meeting. Then you have to notify each member. After that, you have to find an appropriate location and get all the supplies. All these take lots of unnecessary time.

Video calling is a much better alternative than the traditional approach. You can do all the work in a jiffy. You don’t need reservations or supplies to make it work.

2. Cost-Effective

There are no transportation booking costs in video conferencing. Every member can sit in their home and talk without spending a single amount of money.

3.  Faster Time to Market

The overall process of building a video conferencing app isn’t easy. There are agile development processes that take time. On top of that, it needs to integrate into ios and android. So, you need to hire developers for ios app development and android app development. But the APIs simplify the whole process. They offer easy implementation of all the features that take less work and effort.

4. Recording

An amazing feature these providers sometimes offer is the recording system. Even when someone misses the meeting, they can watch the recording later. No one gets left behind.

5. High Impact

When was the last time we paid attention to an audio call? They hardly catch our attention. On the other hand video conferencing stimulates our brain. Our communications get stuck in our brains. The UI/UX development and design of the video conferencing are smooth too.

Top Video Conferencing API Providers for Web and Mobile Apps

1. Mirrorfly

The first name on our list is this amazing video conferencing API provider. Building a high-quality video conferencing experience has never been easier. Mirrorfly offers full customization. You have full control over how you want to build your dream video conferencing feature. They offer about 150+ real-time video chat features. The provider also offers unlimited calling and cross-platform integration.

We all have worries while video conferencing if someone was eavesdropping. What if a third-party app is overhearing the conversation? You don’t have to worry about such things in Mirrorfly. They use an H 264 encoder to protect privacy.

Also, another cool aspect of Mirrorfly is the low latency. We all have experienced our fair share of buffering. During video conferencing, the videos just take forever to load. A buffering sign keeps on spinning and spinning. Sometimes it’s enough to make someone lose their mind. But this doesn’t happen in Mirrorfly. They Rely on WebRTC signaling diminishing any chance of buffering.

The most fascinating part about this provider is perhaps the control option. You can manage the layout of it to your preference. The API supports both IOS and android. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the ios app development and android app development.

2. PubNub

This API provider is for those who want space and efficiency. The provider offers quick responses and reliability.  The APIs are completely secure and peer to peer.

The unique aspect of PubNub is the real-time alert feature. Often we forget that we have a meeting at a specific time. We get indulged in other work that we can’t remember it. Important tasks stay incomplete because of such occurrences. But not anymore. With this API, you can get alerts and notifications to your mobile. So, you don’t miss anything.

PubNub also has extensile plugins and transfers metadata recalling. Their end-to-end encryption technology is near unbreachable. You can use the API on both android and ios. It’s quick and effective.

AI is gradually taking over the world. Many on-demand services startups and tech companies use AI. PubNub isn’t any different. They offer chatbots, natural language processing, and other services. Therefore, you don’t have to handle everything manually. Also, they allow tons of 3rd party integrations. So use them any way you want.

3. Contus Fly

Interaction is the key in video conferencing. That’s why this API provider offers interactive text and video conferencing  API that can be quickly built. Each company has a different theme and goal. Either it’s a B2B on-demand services app or a B2C on-demand services app. You need to pick the correct theme for your audience.

Contus Fly provides you to pick from thousands of different themes. You can even design your conversation screen and pick the right font and color. No software company offers this much functionality.  The UI/UX design and development of Contus fly is out of this world.

They offer tons of feature-rich APIs and SDKs. The best part about it is that you can choose between two approaches. If you already have a mobile app or web app, you can simply integrate the APIs into the app. Also Contus Fly offers to build you a brand new app based on your preference. The possibilities are endless.

4. Sinch

Next on our list is this provider that offers seamless integration. They have risen to prominence due to their advanced features like the SaaS cloud platform and fast integration. Maintaining meetings in the corporate world is daunting at times.

However, Sinch’s integrated capabilities provide a flawless video conferencing experience for all participants.

So, what makes Sinch a formidable force in the field? Firstly they focus on the users. The software company knows that most customers miss their appointments way too frequently. That’s why they have a handy SMS reminder option to alert everyone. Software testing is another important aspect that needs evaluation before integration. Sinch offers quick and straightforward testing on their APKs.

Developers have designed Sinch for all sorts of possibilities. Therefore, you can integrate it on IOS and Android. You can use it in javascript as well. So, you don’t need to spend unnecessary costs on IOs app development and android app development.

5. Quickblox

We get enthusiastic about building an on-demand services app or eCommerce startup. We get pumped up thinking about how we are going to make an amazing app. But is the task so easy? Not at all. Building an app takes lots of knowledge and skill. On top of that, you need to put in a lot of time and dedication. Sometimes, even that isn’t enough. It takes an eternity. What if there was a provider who could make a messaging app in minutes?

Quickblox has made this concept possible. You can build your own video conferencing app in minutes using this provider. They provide instant APIs that are easily integrable. It offers real-time video conferencing features so that users can have a great experience.

One problem with most APIs is that the storage runs out pretty fast. You can’t always keep track of how much storage you are using. That’s why Quickblox offers flexible storage. Therefore, no need to worry about data and file storage. Also during video conferencing, you need to share all sorts of files and links. Quickblox allows users to share these links without any interruption.

6. Cometchat

Cometchat is perfect for those who have an on-demand services app. The providers offer real-time chat and video conferencing features. The platform is reliable having end-to-end encryption. Sometimes only peer-to-peer video chat isn’t enough. To run an organization, you group video chat options. Cometchat offers APIs that have smooth group video chat features.

You can customize the features according to your preference. The provider first asks about your target audience and feature list. It also takes into account how much cost you want to put along with the tech stack and web design. You can even give information about UI/UX design and development. Cometchat will customize the features according to your preference. This kind of flexibility is why Cometchat is quickly becoming popular.

7.  Twilio

Simple, reliable, and effective. These are some of the words to describe our next provider. Twilio is best for building video conferencing apps on a global scale. They offer advanced features like live broadcasting and cloud recording.

There aren’t many providers that support open-source apps. But in Twillio you can develop your open-source app for video conferences. The provider is also quite cost-effective.

The most amazing aspect of Twilio is the screen sharing feature. Suppose you are conducting a meeting. Suddenly you have to show a document on your screen to other members.

What can you do? Will you send them the document through email one by one? It’s going to take forever. Or else you can just share your screen. Twilio offers this amazing feature that makes video conferencing much easier.

8. Enablex

Well, many video conferencing API providers are not upfront. They have an obscure system that will only confuse you. Some of them even have in-built purchases that will only cause you to spend more and more. But Enablex provides an HQ video conferencing feature with only a one-time payment. The whole system is clear and straightforward.

To maximize efficiency, you can’t only have a video conferencing feature in your mobile or web app. You need to stream on other platforms like Facebook and Youtube. Enablex offers live broadcast features so that you can steam on these platforms. Therefore, it will get more traffic on your B2B apps or B2C apps.

The UI/UX design and development aspect of Enablex is great too. They offer a wide range of layouts to choose from. You can customize the designs and features at any time. They use AES-512 encryption technology on their platform. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about security. It also has a handy file sharing and screen sharing feature.

Final Thoughts

Integrating video conferencing features increases the appeal of your app. Users can communicate in real-time. It makes their whole experience much more pleasant. But to incorporate this feature, you need a great API provider. By choosing the right one, your app will reach new heights. Who knows? It can become the next Facebook.