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Top Three Cloud Services for Last Mile Delivery

Last mile delivery has always been regarded as one of the most crucial and stumbling processes of delivery, and as online marketing and eCommerce grow day by day, a company’s success rate on the market starts to depend heavily on how they can ship their goods to their customers efficiently and properly.

But to do that, you can’t rely on the traditional methods of last mile deliveries as your rival companies have already moved into online cloud services for last mile delivery. To learn more about creating last mile delivery services, click here.

So, if you don’t adapt fast to this method, then you will be left chasing dust as your competition moves forward. And that’s where this article comes in. In this article, we will break down the top three cloud services for last mile delivery that will surely give your delivery system a whole remake.

What is Last Mile Delivery?

Before diving into the cloud services regarding last mile delivery, we should familiarize ourselves with last mile delivery. As the name suggests, last-mile delivery is the final process of the delivery where the product leaves the warehouse and reaches the customer’s residence or retail shop.

Last mile delivery is the final step before a customer receives his goods, and that’s why it is extremely important. Because no matter how good your products are, if it doesn’t reach the client on time and in a proper manner, then it is highly likely that the client will still use your services and products. And that’s why companies spend almost 53 percent of their resources to ensure that their last mile delivery is better than others in the market.

But then again, it is very easy to mess up with the last mile delivery process as a simple single mistake is enough to set a customer off. And that’s why companies are moving to cloud services regarding their last mile delivery, and we believe that it is something that every company should follow.

Top Three Cloud Services for Last Mile Delivery

Now there is no better way to utilize the internet and modern technologies in your last mile delivery services than incorporating cloud services that can help you to improve your performance regarding last mile delivery management and implication. Here are the top three software and cloud services that will give you the boost you have been looking for regarding your last mile delivery situations:

1. Onfleet

If you have ever searched the internet using the word “last mile delivery,” then you have definitely come across the word ‘Onfleet,’ and for delivery fleet management, this cloud-based service regarding last mile delivery is one of the best cloud services that you can have in the current market and that’s because they provide you with utilities and options that no other cloud service platform does.

Onfleet has an arsenal of features and services that can easily make other last mile delivery cloud services look pale and tame. Their services broaden from route management to driver efficiency and delivery rate. A few of those features are:

Route Planning

The most prominent feature that comes with Onfleet is the Route planning algorithm. When you start using the services of Onfleet, you will be introduced to a delivery route planner that will give the drivers the most optimal route for the delivery.

It will calculate the traffic, office hour, product’s safety, and the vehicle’s performance into the calculation and then will provide an optimal route which will not only save the time but will also ensure that the customers get the product at their best quality as sometimes sensitive objects are ruined in bumpy roads.

Search and Delivery Filters

Now, if you don’t have drivers of your own, don’t worry, as you can also use Onfleet’s exceptional array of drivers who are qualified in the trade and has years of experience to back them up. And finding the correct driver for your delivery is also made easy as you can just input the characteristics you are looking for, and the application will find the best match for you.

So, just use search and filter, and you will be able to find the best driver for your delivery. And this delivery order management system helps your last mile deliveries be more efficient than the rest.

This search and filter are not limited to finding drivers for the shipment, and it also allows you to find pick-up places near your customers, or driver’s locations. And for potential drivers, this feature also shows them where delivery tasks are.

Auto and Efficient Dispatch

A great hindrance that companies face during last mile delivery is the dispatch of the products, but when it comes to Onfleet, this task is made easy as products are labeled and marked with their current delivery driver, their dispatch process already allows the driver to take the goods faster and effortlessly without wasting time on figuring out which products are for them as Onfleet will send the delivery task to the right person due to their high performing AI interface.

Not to mention this feature also trims down the labor cost regarding dispatch.

Real-Time Data Processing

When it comes to real-time data, Onfleet’s efficiency is almost unrivaled, and only a handful of other last mile delivery cloud services can match up to the real-time data that is accessible to both you and the customer.

Not only that Onfleet allows you to track your product with a real-time feature, but it will also send you to update on the speed of the vehicle, estimated delivery time, traffic route, and many more. They will also send you regular update alerts to your mobile device or email if you have enabled transport notification alerts on your email.

Furthermore, this information is also shared with the customer so that they can know exactly where their products are when they have them and what route they are taking. This also fixes one of the biggest problems in last mile delivery as customers will now know the reason behind any late delivery (although it rarely happens), and they will understand as they will have proof in their hands.

You will also have access to the entire data from start to finish of your delivery, and this will also allow you to understand the pros and cons of your delivery system, which is something every company should look out for.

Quality of Life Improvements

Another great feature of Onfleet is that they believe in proof, and once the delivery is done, you will receive confirmation of your delivery complication, meaning you will receive the photos, signatures of customers upon getting the product, and more. They will also provide you with a report that shows the delivery boys’ live tracking results and many more.

You and your customer both can also chat with the driver using the mobile app. The mobile app is also a great addition to improve the quality of life as it allows the customers and the sellers to get all real-time and post information regarding the delivery.

So, if you are looking to have complete management over your last mile delivery, then there is no better option than Onfleet for you. And if you like the concept of Onfleet and want to create services like these for yourself then visit Enozom for web and mobile development of cloud services.

2. Deliforce

If you are looking for the best in the business, then Deliforce should be placed at the top as it is one of the few cloud services that perform on equal ground with Onfleet. They also provide an incredible array of features that makes it stand out more than its competitions. And these features are:

Task and Agent System

This last mile delivery system follows a unique concept of creating tasks and assigning the said tasks to agents; these agents work as the driver who also oversees the dispatch of the goods from your location. Tasks can be set by entering the time of pick up and the time of delivery. After selecting that, you will be led to an agent selection screen, look at your profile, and choose the best one suited for your delivery, and that’s it!

If you have multiple deliveries, then you can use their filter option to sort out your deliveries by date, status, time, and even delay!

Optimal Routing

Deliforce also uses a unique routing feature that allows the drivers to find the best route possible to make an early delivery. This also allows you, the sender, to use real-time order tracking to know exactly where and in which condition the agents are during the delivery.

Proof of Delivery

The delivery system also holds on to the concept of sending the proper proof of delivery towards the task assigner, and they follow two features. After the delivery is completed, they take a digital signature of the owner on their tab and also sends you the picture of signed papers too. Therefore, ensuring that there are no mistakes in the delivery whatsoever.

This delivery confirmation notification and all of the alerts are sent to both the sender and customer’s mobile via SMS or display notification. Thus, making it more convenient for you.

Extra Focus on Analytics

One of the unique features of Deliforce is their in-depth approach towards analytics, as you will find charts and graphical representations of how your deliveries went, how satisfied was the customer, and the agents ranking regarding your product delivery. You will also find a chart showing the fuel usage of the agent during the delivery time.

So, if you wish to have an overall smooth experience regarding last mile delivery, then Deliforce is a cloud service that you definitely should check out, and as they give you a free trial, you’ve got nothing to lose!

3. Track-Pod

For last mile delivery operations management, one of the most recognized cloud services is Track-Pod, as this delivery order management system provides the users with an ample number of features that can ease up the process of your deliveries and is an out-and-out proper last mile delivery business-oriented cloud service.

The services provided by Track-Pod are:

Delivery Management

Track-Pod is renowned for its delivery management system, and its delivery route planning app allows you to access the best possible route for your deliveries without any hindrance. This delivery route planner also notifies the customer of the route from which their products will come so that they will also have an estimated idea of the journey.

Real-Time Order Tracking

Almost every cloud service for last mile delivery gives you a real-time tracking feature. But Track-Pod goes the extra mile and allows you not only to track your product but also gives you delivery boy live tracking feature. This delivery boy tracking feature allows you to track your delivery boys and cars even before you initialize the order.

Visual Communication

If there is any delivery issue with the products or any events causing a delay regarding the delivery, both you and the customer will receive a visual update on that matter. This is very convenient because we know that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Proof of Delivery

Like most other delivery services, Track-Pod also uses photo proof and signing documentation of delivery. Still, if there aren’t any signing reasons, then they use photo proofing to ensure the fact that the delivery was completed properly.

Two Way Communication

Another great feature of Track-Pod is that you can simultaneously keep in touch with field operatives and the technical staff at the HQ at the same time. This allows you to be in full control of the whole operation even if you are working with limited manpower, and this is crucial for last mile deliveries.

Report Exportation

This is one of the more unique features of Track-Pod. You can upload and attach the various types of documents with your deliveries so that your database system can work alongside with Track-Pods to ensure maximum efficiency and superior workflow.

Thus, if you want to work with a great cloud platform for your last mile delivery, then Track-Pod is a great option with lots of features and pros that you can’t just ignore.

Final Thoughts

Last mile deliveries require an exceptional management system and an efficient, cost-effective way that doesn’t hurt the financial standpoint of your company. And at the same time, customer satisfaction takes the most priority.

So, if you want to keep all that together in your services, and then there is no other way than to go with cloud services for last mile deliveries. And we’ve discussed three of the best options that you can go for in this current market.

But you can always opt for creating your own cloud services by using Enozom. Therefore, take the first step and start your last mile delivery with cloud services from today!