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Top Third-Party Solutions Include in Your Software Solution

Software solutions have become a regular need for tech companies and eCommerce-based businesses alike. And as not all premade software solves problems specific to one company’s issue, getting a software solution for your business or company is the ideal solution. But building a software solution is expensive and requires a great amount of hard work and dedication, which for many tech companies is a burden. This article highlights the top third-party solutions you need to include in your software solution.

Because not only that you need to make special modifications regarding the company or business’s need, you will also need to include some standard services and have to build them from the ground up, and that means a lot of app development, web development, and intense coding on the process. And that’s what makes software solutions one of the most expensive software services out there.

But if you are considering going with a few third-party services for your software solution and looking for possible options, then this is the perfect article for you. Because in this article, we will break down the top third-party solutions that you need to include in your software solution to make it more optimal and budget-friendly. So, buckle up, and let’s take a deeper look into the matter, shall we?

What is Software Solution?

Before getting into the details regarding the third-party software and services, we should take an in-depth look into software solutions and how does it work. Software solutions are a custom build software service that, along with traditional services, is used to solve a specific problem for the user so that it can perform the time-consuming problematic tasks while automating daily tasks catering at your ease. And you can also add other software which will try to enhance your work experience along with your custom software.

For example, we all use Microsoft office for our daily work that is office or school-related. Now maybe you have a problem with the interface of excel and word, but you don’t have any issues with the one drive feature. And this problem is dragging the workflow in your office down as you and your employees are having a hard time dealing with this problem.

Now, if you opt for a software solution on this matter, then the key focus will be to create a dedicated user interface via UI/UX design and development so that you and your employees are comfortable using it the way you want. And this software development is called a software solution because you have created software to solve or provide a solution to a problem that you were facing with the other available software in the market.

Nowadays this scenario has become more and more common as every company needs their own personal apps and websites and the available software in the market doesn’t seem to fill the need properly. And having your personal software to take of the troublesome problems is always a plus because that way you will be able to get the maximum efficiency to form your company and also will be able to please your clients.

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But that being said, this process is very costly because not only are you going to develop personal software, you will also have to keep common and dedicated services that will work to maintain other regular problems too. And if you are already paying for software development, then you aren’t going to pay for another premium app subscription now, will you?

That’s where third-party services come into play because if you are planning to launch a global app for your company and clients, then it will require services that you might not want to invest but if you do, then it will be a lot of unnecessary expense but by using third-party services that can easily be avoided and both you and your clientele will be happy along the way.  

Adding third-party services into your software solutions allows you to save a lot of money and effort on the process. Even though at first it may seem like more investment as you are including the payment for another software development company.

But, if you calculate the overall mean outcome then building some common services from the ground up will look more expensive than opting for a third party that will do the work for you.

And if you are doing both android app development and iOS app development along with web app development for more convenience, then it has already become more costly.

A good example of this will be security apps. You have built a security app, but you also need the global map to cover your warehouses or other location. Do you also build a real-time world map too?

No, you can easily opt for google maps which will serve as a third party in this scenario and can easily grant you any location all across the globe. But you will need to be in a business deal with Google to pull this off.

This is one of the core reasons why you should consider adding third-party services to your software solutions so that your software solution can be more convenient, less troublesome, and less expensive.

Top Third-Party Service that You Should Consider Adding to Your Software Solution

Here is the list of the top third-party solutions that you should keep in mind and consider adding when building your software solution.

1. Cloud Storage Services

As more and more data are circulating on the internet and in our lives every day, it isn’t a big brainer that storing this data is one of the first top priorities for any company or business. And when you are building a software solution for yourself or for some business, you must have cloud storage services at your disposal.

But maintaining cloud data storage is costly and requires daily maintenance of hardware. And unless the software solution is for some organization that has the financial backing to maintain a high data server on a regular basis, it is safe to opt for a third-party cloud data storing service that will do the hard work while you enjoy unlimited cloud data storage for yourself and your clients.

And you can always change the services if you think that it isn’t working the way you have planned. But if you build it from the ground up and, after investing in the maintenance of the data storage, find that it isn’t cutting out, then there’s no way you are getting back that time, effort, or the money that you invested.

A few popular cloud data storage third-party services are Google drive, mega, and many more.

2. Accounting Management Services

One of the most dreaded parts at the end of the month in an office is managing the accounting details and putting them all together. Accountants go nuts when facing a huge load at the end of the month of the year.

And if you already have a software solution running in your office, then adding another problem-solving feature will be a hassle, and as it is a common issue, it won’t be able to serve the purposes of a software solution properly.

But third-party services can help with that. By using third-party services that focus on accounting management services in your software solution, you will able to accelerate and enhance the closing process of the month of the year faster and more accurately. And this will also increase the morale which will increase the work efficiency.

And this way, the trial balance, transition matching, roll forwards will improve drastically, and you will also be able to track down what needs more attention and assign commands regarding that.

This way, using these third-party services like accounting management services in your software solution, you will be able to save hours or days’ worth of work in minutes, and if that’s not a plus, then we don’t know what is. And you or your employees didn’t have to go through many problems either as it is already a part of the software solution program you have taken the initiative of.

3. Customer and Billing Integration Services

Customer Relationship Management or CRM is a huge part of one’s business, and if the billing data along with customers, their data, requests regarding services, contacts, and marketing information is slow, then the business can take a huge blow. And if you place an integration system software to do this handy work, then work becomes easy.

But the software solution can’t keep up with all the different types of issues while providing the solutions to the actual problems it was built to deal with unless you are using ten or more software solutions simultaneously.

And that is where third-party customer and billing integration services come into play. Because if these third-party web apps are handling the common data issue out there, then a big chunk of customer data management issue has already been solved, and the other software on the premise can do their work more efficiently and smoothly without the clogging of data from customer issues and billings.

4. Email Marketing Services

A big reason to use third-party apps along with your software solution apps is to create more breathing room for the software solution process so that there is no need to add unusual solutions in the coding and one of the most unusual, but at the same time, the crucial marketing process is email marketing.

As the dedicated and potential clientele of your business or company should be aware of the products or services you are launching or what they can expect in the coming years so that they will visit and consider your webpage, services, and whatnot.

And adding an email marketing option to a custom build software just seems wrong because you can already use a lot of third-party software in the market, which will not only cost less but also will be more effective as it was built to reach more clients.

5. Project and Expense Management Services

Now, this is a bit more crucial, and some may disapprove of using third-party solutions instead of a custom-built app. But third-party applications and services, a business or company can easily manage project management and expense management.

If your custom-built app is more prone to work directly into the matter, including project management and expense management services via a third party will allow more breathing room and will also save you from building a complex application that your employees will have a hard time adjusting with.

As third-party solutions and expense management services will allow you to monitor, assign and notify everyone about the progress, requirements, lacking, and many more. Thus, it is a must-recommended third-party service if your software solution revolves around fixing the efficiency and workflow of your peers.

6. Delivery and Ecommerce Services

Suppose your software solution app is eCommerce based. You also are in need of a delivery system but don’t want to create one on your own (because it is too much expensive). In that case, going with a third-party service is the best option available as there are delivery service providers who will be able to deliver better than your amateur startup delivery business. And in this case, customer satisfaction should be your primary.

Therefore, instead of building a complete delivery system on your custom software solution application, you can opt for third-party services that will fill your need properly and directly without any issues.

Final Thought

Software solutions are much-needed in this modern-day and age. But instead of dumping all of your small problems on the custom software that you are building, you can save a lot of time and money by adding third-party services to the mix. Hopefully, this article shared some light into that matter, and if so, then now you know what type of third-party services you should look out for to include in your software solution.