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Top Software Development Outsourcing Countries

Looking for a Software Development Outsourcing destination? Here are some countries to consider when you think of outsourcing your software project to a software house to do it for you.


Although Egypt is famous for tourism other that any other business sectors, Egypt has now become one of the most attractive software outsourcing destinations. The coming years of the current course will make Egypt one of the top 10 software outsourcing countries. It’s already a popular place to look for tech partners among companies in the MENA region.

It has a lot of bright tech talents and expertise as well as competitive rates. Egypt also has a convenient time zone to many countries. It’s GMT+2, so this advantage communication is not a problem as it’s at the real time you don’t have to send an email and wait for a reply to the next day, so time overlaps seem like not a big deal.

Egypt has different ICT hubs all over the county such as Smart Village, Maadi Technology Park and the new six branches of Silicon Waha. All providing more than 1,000,000 ICT jobs. Egypt Also supports innovations and developing entrepreneurship and SMEs by supporting more than 300 SMEs and incubating more than 200 startups and entrepreneur.   

Egypt has a population of 100 million of which 50% is below the age of 25. There is a graduate of 700,000 and 49% of the working population are in the services sector. Egypt today has about 150,000 employees who are working in the sourcing sector, of which 70,000 serve overseas markets of different business sectors.

And as for language capabilities, they are high, Arabic as the mother tongue, and English is the business language that almost all graduates are fluent in. French is very strong as well, followed by German. So, we can conclude that Egypt is the best software outsourcing destination for European countries.


It’s believed that Ukraine is one of the l promising countries for outsourcing. This outsourcing country has a lot of tech expertise. Ukraine outsourcing rates are affordable, there is no significant cultural difference between other European countries and also time overlaps seem like not a big deal as they share nearly the same time zone.


Outsourcing software development to Poland became common around Europe long time ago. Poland has around 1.5 percent of the net developers’ population which is at least 160 thousand in absolute number with over 15 thousands of the expected growth each year. The talent pool of software development professionals within Poland encompasses perhaps everything that a company would want in an outsourcing base. Poland also ranks among the first Eastern European nations with cutting-edge technologies and affordable programming experts.


China offers strong tech services as it’s found out that the top fastest-growing IT companies are located in China. Beside that customers may choose multiple languages for the business partnership. It has low-cost rates but higher than in CEE.


Being the second-largest country by population and the biggest English-speaking country in the world, India seems to be an interesting destination to outsource. India is known as an inexpensive outsourcing destination with a large pool of low-cost software developers and programmers. Besides the little costs the Indian urban population is also highly educated and semi-skilled in technical aspects.

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