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Top Best Apps to Manage Your Business

Business management software is some applications where a set of programs are integrated to help business operators support, improve, and automate their business processes effectively. These software applications assist the business manager in eliminating human errors in the completion of business tasks, reporting activities, and enhancing the overall efficiency of the business operation.

These business management tools are designed with software development to meet the requirements of business processes effectively. Therefore, more and more business organizations and companies are investing in these business management apps. Let’s get to know some of the top apps that you can use to manage your business better and grow faster. 

Employee scheduling app to manage work timesheets

Time monitoring might not be your top priority at the start of your business. But as you start hiring more and more employees as your team members, it would be more difficult for your human resource department to manage their job appropriately. Having information such as how much time your staff is spending on particular tasks plays a significant role in the overall performance of your business. Thus, tech companies have developed many potent time tracking apps to record everything your employees work on automatically. This significantly reduces manual time management efforts while accurately reporting and invoicing this information.


Planday can easily create work schedules for your employees, which can accurately track the time a team member spends on a particular task. This system is also supported by a mobile app, so the employee and manager alike can stay updated if any changes with the employee’s schedule happen. The employer can be notified immediately if any staff apply for vacation plans or take sick leaves. Moreover, the app provides a messaging tool within the app, so it can also be utilized as a team communication application.


Day-off is another software application both employees and their managers can use for tracking vacations and leave requests. Day off leave tracker for employees leave management also used mobile app development to track the employee leave requests at any time and from anywhere.

The employees and HR management can get notified about their leave balances and vacation histories when their team manager approves or rejects their leave requests. The HR dashboard of the application can also monitor the team’s absence and workflow along with sending announcements to the team.


Timely is another top time-tracking app that features automatic time tracking while projecting real-time project dashboards. This Web app can produce efficient reporting of every employee’s timesheets with hourly rates, capacity, and overtime categorizations.

Project management app for managing project works

Once your business starts getting structured to perform various tasks and handle new projects, it would become more and more difficult for the HR manager to monitor the progress of a specific task and divide responsibilities. With the use of project management apps, the team manager can create the workflows and processes the task responsibilities early to not make the work management procedure complicated. Here are some of the top applications for project management.

Teamwork Projects

Teamwork is an exceptionally functional application to manage your work projects. It enables the user to create and manage specific tasks. The manager can assign particular tasks to team members with attached necessary files. Furthermore, this web app development also allows you to create detailed charts and reports along with built-in time tracking applications to process the assignments more productively.


Scoro is another highly functional all-in-one business management software that lets you plan and track the projects your team works on. It can manage quotes, client contacts, and invoices seamlessly. Additionally, the app can track time and bill for every completed task without any error.

CRM system management app for managing your contacts

It is essential for every business operator to keep track of their clients and sales records. The customer relationship management apps are most helpful in managing the clients and the structure for approaching new customers to sell your products or services. Here are some top CRM system management apps that can effectively manage your business contacts and deals.


Salesflare is the most regarded CRM app to help you manage the progress of your sales, clients’ data, etc. Its agile development enables the app to automatically detect the contacts on the basis of users’ emails and social media, saving you a lot of time.  Its mobile application is also available so you can handle your clients anywhere, anytime.


Odoo is another significant business management software that covers a wide range of features integrations such as CRM, eCommerce, accounting, inventory, sales, and project management, etc. Its real-time communication enables the user to experience better business collaboration.

Communication apps to effectively communicate with team.

Communication apps are essential for business operators to manage their business effectively. These apps help with eliminating communication gaps within the system with their versatile communication tools.


Bitrix24 is an all-in-one application for business collaboration and communication. Its built-in social network allows you to collaborate easily, fast, and more efficiently. It follows both android app development and iOS app development that can give you instant feedback, share ideas, and create workgroups to engage your employees with effective communication.


Slack enables the users to easily add new users, manage teams, conversation channels, and share files, etc., through conversation pages. Furthermore, the mobile app is completely free for team communications.  

Accounting apps for managing accounting and finances

Managing the accounting and finance of your company is not just limited to sending invoices to your accountant. You need to be aware of how your company is performing with regard to your business accounting. Here are some top accounting apps.


Netsuite is a prominent accounting app that offers various tools such as CRM, ERP, finance, HR, and eCommerce, etc. The user can have easy access to the financial reports to effectively manage the business resources. The web app is highly flexible and customizable.


Freshbooks can issue invoices more easily and effortlessly. The web app also avails customization options to design your own layout, even issue invoices with the mobile apps to facilitate communication more easily between you and your accountant.

In the present scenario, time is valued most in the modern-day business environment. If you want to save you and your team valuable time, it’s wise to use some reliable business management apps. Go over the above apps to generate a positive return on investment while growing as a stronger team.