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Top 7 Software Development Blogs you Should Read

It is extremely hard to stay put with the recent updates with new technologies that are overflowing. The blogs are considered valuable resources to keep up with the recent innovations. Deriving a feel of the aspects of software development and communicating with your team of developers.

Content is generally overloaded when one lives in an era here, as it is quite hard to search for the best kind of developer blogs out there. A few of the blog posts updates take place each day at every instance, while the others are reflecting on the major set of innovations here. There are several things to select from, with every one of them being different somehow. It is, however, vital in terms of following quality blogs offering reliable information to the software company.

Collaborating with the other developers or coding over a boot camp can be helpful. However, it is a considerate option. The easiest way to stay hooked up in the software development loop is by subscribing to the variations offered by the blogs for software development. Gear up and read through if you wish to know about the blogs here!


Presenting and creating awareness of the right tools, practices, tested techniques, and methods involved in the niche for software development is where the main aim of CodeBetter lies. You need not look elsewhere if you search for the blog that is everything about the tech contents and is devoid of the things that are meant to just pull traffic.

So, how would we know this? The blog here contains things that are proven and that do work out. The writers here are not just the professionals who are non-tech who try to play around with the words that are paraphrased. You can search for this information on the blog itself written out of the perspective of personal experiences even after using the software testing or the application of the techniques.

You are sure to come across several coding or innovative techniques involving the challenge solving potentials here. CodeBetter is notably the right option for you if you are a fanatic about SQL, Microsoft tech, and Net-based programming languages here.

A-List Apart

One of the trending and most successful blogs on software development is A List Apart, and it started way back in 1997. It covers a massive range of topics involving software designs, development, and maintenance. The blog here features several contributors who are aiding in the development of the blog writing.

A-List Apart would be the ideal destination for acquiring a few additional tricks or even expanding your knowledge here if you have already known a thing or two related to software development. The writers of these blogs here cover the best standards software developers should adapt to even the best practices made. It is also inviting in terms of posting these amazing ideas through third-party developers, and the writers are something that one can love about this blog here. The main focus here lies in sharing creative as well as engaging content with the world of software.

Coding Horror

It is unique here, with Jeff Atwood bringing humor into this world of software development. We would mention that it is one of the online pages where you can get stuck even after a tiring day at the office as we would not be calling it an attempt to draw traffic.

The founder being both a writer and a software developer binds his readers to his growth pathway. He is considered a geek who makes the content quite engaging to others in the niche of software development, and it is not just a lame attempt of being humorous here.

Joel on Software

It has been more than four decades that Joel, the founder of this blog, has been in the world of programming. You are sure to get plenty of things out here. He is also known to be operating a company being also a former employee of Microsoft is something more you should know of.

The main aim for Joel is on the angle of software development business along with software management. You should thoroughly land on his blog to find out what is going on if this is your area of fascination.

David Walsh Blog

This is a not-to-miss blog, as there is no way out of this programming matrix once you are plugged into it. This blog is your one-stop platform for the amazing pieces in regards to JavaScript, MySQL, CSS, PHP, and more. David Walsh is considered a top-notch web app development engineer with several of his online articles offering an area of counsel for front-end operations.

David Walsh is considered the one behind a success if you have ever been across the development guide through the Network for Mozilla Developer. He shares the hacks on Mozilla along with the latest news on JavaScript through his blog. David would also be spending a lot of time making the JavaScript developers improve their skills.

Geeks for Geeks

It is also known to be a bit of a tailor-fit for those who have discovered their footing in the software development niche. Although there are also amateurs invited here. This blog generally aims to offer the right solutions, even the answers to the questions for programming that would arise in the meetings, such as the interviews.

Daily JS

You are not mistaken here if you guess that JS here means JavaScript. The founder of this blog here is Alex Young, and he aims at the things that rule over this niche. A great job is done by the blog here, as it contains all the things related to JavaScript. This blog can cover the surveys and other related topics on the JavaScript systems as well as the modules here, from the tips to that the news with the recent advancements in the language of programming.

Wrapping It Up

Irrespective of you being a newbie or even an expert here while working with software development, you are more likely to get stuck at places while trying to accomplish successful projects. The software development blogs will deliver you the right kind of idea that your business website needs, and you should be making sure to take advice from professional software development geeks. They would be offering the right kind of services.