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Top 2021 UX Design Tips for Hotel Booking Apps

Travelling has been made easy with the help of the internet. Now we can map out our travel plan with apps and software and make pre-arrangements like hotel booking. The trouble for hotel owners begins here. Because the internet is a global marketplace, everyone can enter here and win customers. That is why hotel owners need to improve their offerings on the internet so that people will come to them. The priority of their online outlet improvement should be its UX.

What is UX?

Now, what exactly is UX? UX stands for user experience. The experience a user has while using something is what we call UX. It can be anything. It can be the experience of seeing/ hearing something, or it can be the experience of using a coffee machine for the first time.

But for our context, UX can be referred to the experience our customer is having while browsing our website, or app. The better this experience is, the more convinced customers will be to purchase your service.

Tips for UX Design for Hotel Booking Apps

From the previous section, you can guess that you will have to improve your app UX for it to perform well and engage more customers.

Now when we are talking about a hotel booking app, it could be one app dedicated to one hotel only, or it can be a marketplace platform where people can choose from different hotels to book one.

In either case, UX is very important, and you must improve it at all costs. So here are some expert tips that you can work on to improve the UX of your hotel booking app.

Improve Micro Interaction

What is micro-interaction? It is the small moment when the user is interacting with the app design like clicking on a button. Although it may seem necessary and sound absurd, improving this small experience can have a huge impact on the user.

You can improve this aspect of the UX by adding a small different animation for different interactions.

VR (Virtual Reality)

As we are talking about the hotel booking app, you can improve the experience by adding a VR element.

For this, you will have to go the extra mile of virtually capturing the hotel and process it for the mobile app. So your users can see the room for themselves from different angles and be convinced of booking the room.

It may sound like a lot of work but the VR technology has come so far that it is possible for hotel businesses.

Visualization Useful Features

Hotel businesses are getting very identical to each other. So if there is a unique feature of your hotel service, then you should put it out loud to your customers. This one feature can turn the tide of business for you.

So in your app, try to make these unique and useful features of your hotel business uniquely and interactively.

User Profile

A customer will not use your service for one time if it is good. He/ she may use it again and again in the future. So you should create a user profile/ ID system.

If this system is implemented, your users can easily save certain hotels in their profiles for quick bookings. This will make hotel booking very convenient for them and it will further improve the experience they have while using your hotel booking app.

Advanced User Onboarding

User onboarding means making your user familiar with all the features of your app. You might have put a lot of advanced UX features like 3D animation, VR of hotel rooms, and maps, but if your user doesn’t know how to use them then all of it will go in vain.

So, what you can do is to arrange a small game-like tutorial where the user will have to go through all of the features and use them to win. By doing so, the user will be aware of all the features in your hotel booking app and will never get lost. This will also improve his/ her UX.

If you have any other creative ideas for user onboarding then use them as well. If you are not sure about it, then contact a software development and testing company like Enozom.

Advanced Personalization

We hope that you are familiar with marketing automation. This thing uses customer segmentation to promote offerings to target customers. This thing is directly related to personalization.

What happens in personalization is that you are handing over the segmentation task to the users. The users can select what they like and what they don’t like from a set of questions and the automation will segment them based on these results.

Now the automation will send offerings to those accounts based on their criteria and the users will be satisfied to see things that they prefer.

So, for hotel apo business, a user may prefer a less elegant, more eco-friendly hotel. She will personalize her account based on that preference. Thus the automation will recommend her eco-friendly hotel and her user experience will increase.

Compelling Storytelling

The reason behind it is to position your brand in the customer’s head by what they will remember. Research shows that we remember things by the story related to them. So in your hotel booking app, if you have made a compelling story about how your app helps others, new users will remember it and they will come to your app whenever they need to book a hotel.

This thing can be implemented more firmly in the case of a dedicated hotel booking app for one hotel. In the app, you tell stories about your hotel, its features, and other aspects.

Compelling storytelling has been a successful trend for improving UX. So be sure to implement it.


So these were our tips for improving UX in your hotel booking app. Now whatever you do, make sure you have tested out everything thoroughly in the app, so the users do not face any bugs.

If you want to test your app UX thoroughly and improve it, contact Enozom or another software development company to do the