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Top 12 App ideas for On-demand Services Startup

The world is getting competitive day by day. As an entrepreneur, you may come up with a good idea. But soon you will realize, the implication of it already exists. So, what to do? Well, in such a fierce race for glory, on-demand services can be your lifesaver.

With its increasing popularity, they are not going to die any time soon. We all are living on a tight schedule. When was the last time you had free time? Exactly. We are too busy. But still, people have to make time for different tasks. Your on-demand services can be a solution to their problems.

Things To Consider When Coming up with your App idea.

Either it’s a mobile app or a web app, the development of it is tough. The UI/UX design and development along with software testing requires a lot of effort. But before going to the technical aspects, you need to question yourself a few things.

Does your app solve a problem? Can it deliver services fast? These two are the most important questions you need answers to. People search for on-demand services because they are fast, convenient, and reliable.

Therefore, come up with an app idea that is feasible and has a problem-solving possibility. Enozom can help you out in these regards with their top-notch app development facilities.

Also, look at the competitors. Every app has a flaw. You have to build an app that solves the flaws of your competitors. By doing this, people will use your app rather than looking at the alternatives.

Top 12 App Ideas for On-demand services startup

The possibilities are endless when it comes to on-demand service apps. To get you some ideas, we have selected some of the best app ideas for on-demand services startups. So without further ado, let’s check them out.

1. On-demand Uber-like Apps

Uber has become a household name. Remember the days when we had to wait at bus stops and rail stations for hours. The buses and trains didn’t even come on time. They were full of people without an inch to move. You feel suffocated just by traveling.

But those days of suffering and misery are long gone. Ridesharing apps like uber have completely changed the perception.

The transport industry is quite versatile. Uber may be only a part of it. You have the opportunity to make apps for logistics, e-scooter app, and even bicycles. Bicycles will pop off as people are becoming more eco-friendly. People like to travel cheaply and fast.

That’s why your transport app can become very successful. So, with your hard-earned money, you can think of building a transport booking or ride-sharing app.

There are a couple of features you need to integrate. Your app needs to have a delivery route planner or real-time order tracking system. Otherwise, your customers will have a hard time using your app. Also features like rescheduling, cancelation on choice are extremely handy.

As it’s a competitive market, you will have a hard time at the start. But with a good business model and customer service, soon your business will thrive.

2. On-Demand Healthcare Service apps

There can’t be anything more urgent than healthcare services. Imagine someone in your family is sick. You need to see a doctor as quickly as possible. But the hospital is far away from your location. What can you do? For such emergencies, healthcare services do a wonderful job. Health care apps provide medicine deliveries, professional help, and prescriptions.

Your healthcare service app has to be a platform where users can easily find a physician. You can also create an app that describes the details of the disease. When the patients enter their symptoms, your app will be able to detect the disease. This also helps a lot. In this pandemic situation, this kind of on-demand service will save lives.

3. On-demand Learning Apps

Just getting an educational degree won’t cut it anymore. There are millions of candidates with the same degree applying for the same job. How will the employers find out the best one? They look at the extra skills and knowledge. That’s why people now realize the importance of learning a new skill.

To learn something new, people need a trainer or a professional who can instruct them. But it’s tough to find one. Even when people can, they turn out to be frauds or don’t have enough experience.  That’s why you can make an on-demand services app that can connect people to tutors. It can be for anything. Dance, singing, programming, or graphic designing you name it.

4. On-demand Beauty Service Apps

The working women don’t have enough time to take care of themselves. They have busy schedules. But still, women love to make up. Therefore, the idea of an on-demand beauty service app can be just the thing. Parlors cause an arm and a leg.

Also, you have to wait in line and even then the result isn’t satisfactory. Your beauty service app can give them the same experience with the comfort of home. Women love to make up.

5. On-demand House Cleaning Apps

This may sound too personal but when was the last time we cleaned our house. We all stay busy with our work that we hardly make enough time to clean it. As working professionals or single parents, it’s tough. That’s why an on-demand services app can make our houses look polished.

The demand for housecleaning services is increasing day by day. As more people are doing jobs outside, the market will grow in the next few years. Therefore, creating an on-demand house cleaning app can be a jackpot for you.

6. On-demand Video Streaming Apps

When was the last time you watched a TV program? Or went to see a movie in the cinema hall? Although cinema halls are still relevant, tv programs aren’t. They have lost their touch, and many think they will soon die.

Now people rely on streaming platforms to watch their favorite shows and movies. Why they are so popular? Well, the major thing is accessibility. You can watch it from anywhere you want. Another thing is the variety

Streaming apps like Netflix have grown enormously over the years. So, you may be thinking with a strong competitor like Netflix will I stand a chance? As we’ve mentioned, an app doesn’t have all the features. Therefore, look for the gaps. Also by providing a much cheaper rate, people will choose your app over other ones.

In the pandemic situation, people are stuck in their homes. They spend their entire day browsing through streaming apps. That’s why you can be sure that your mobile or web app will take off pretty quickly.

7. On-Demand Food Delivery Services

It’s 3 PM. You are hungry. You open your fringe and can’t seem to find anything to eat. You look in the kitchen but there’s nothing there also. Your stomach can’t seem to wait any longer. For years, this kind of occurrence happened way too frequently.

But on-demand food delivery services have made dreams into reality. Now you can order delicious food online. You won’t have to go to a fancy restaurant all dressed up. Your favorite foods will come to your doorstep.

Before thinking of building an on-demand food delivery app, look at similar businesses. Take inspiration from them and build a strong business model.  Make sure you understand the delivery orders management system.  Build an on-demand food delivery app that stands out.

8. On-demand Laundry Apps

This may sound like a joke to you at first. But people spend a lot of money on laundry services. This task may seem simple to you but it’s monotonous. Doing it day after day can take a toll on you. Besides no one wants to do laundry while there are so many other tasks.

That’s why an on-demand laundry app may appeal to a lot of people. Remember one thing. The simplicity of the task doesn’t matter. As long as your app solves a problem, there will be people using it.

9. On-demand Ticket Booking App

Before traveling, you need to book a ticket. But it isn’t so easy. The traditional method is to wait in line for hours until your turn arrives. Sometimes our legs start to ache. What if there was an alternative. Well, there is. There are on-demand ticket booking apps where you can book your tickets from your house.

The best part about transportation booking is that you can pick any seat you want. Also, you will be able to pay in various methods. This is an industry that holds a lot of potentials. There are existing apps that offer similar services. But when your app will have a better web design and more features, the customers won’t be able to resist themselves.

 10. On-Demand Vacation Rental Apps

Life gets boring sometimes. Mindlessly working for days can hamper your physical and mental state. A vacation can reduce all the stress and tension. Exploring different places can energize and motivate you. But planning a vacation requires some work.  From renting a hotel to transportation booking, things can get quite intricate.

A vacation rental app provides people with everything they need when traveling. Airbnb is a good example of a vacation rental app. You can incorporate some of their features into your app.

11. On-Demand Grocery App           

In this pandemic time, we can’t go out to purchase groceries. Also, you can never seem to find the right product because the supply always seems to run low. But this doesn’t happen in online grocery apps. You can choose from thousands of different items. On top of that, the delivery is as quick as lightning.

This is another sector that is highly competitive due to Covid 19. But you can be successful. Most grocery apps follow a simple pattern. You select an item from the app and purchase it. Then the store delivers your product to your doorstep.

Customers want something unique and innovative. Implementing new ideas into your grocery app can be beneficial to your business.

You can offer cashback. This is a viable way to garner more attention. Apps like Dija have a unique policy. They will refund the customers when the orders don’t reach them at the correct time. You can also develop such policies and traits in your app. This will make your app look more distinct than others.

12. On-demand Plant Delivery Apps

Who doesn’t love plants? Research has shown that being near a plant can reduce your anxieties and stress. Plants keep your environment fresh. A plant can be your companion.

But buying a plant from the local store can be difficult. Most of the time they won’t have the plant that you are looking for. Also, you might not even find a suitable garden store in your location. You can simply order a plant using plant delivery apps.

Plant delivery apps show promise as people are starting to plant more trees. They look for different varieties. Your job is to make a versatile B2B app. People will soon appreciate the value of your app.

Cost Of Developing On-demand Services

The cost of building an app can vary based on different factors. The factors can be web design, complexity, and agile development. You also have to pay some extra cash to incorporate some extra features. Tech companies can charge you about $6000 to $8000 to build an app with basic features. Some software development companies can charge you more or less depending on your requirements.

Final Thoughts

As an aspiring entrepreneur, you might get depressed. You may think that there are so many apps. Will my app stand out among them? Consider taking Enozom’s help in such regards.

Also, our recommendation to you is to stay with one idea. Don’t try to mix several ideas into one. Pick a single idea with potential. Then work on it. Soon you will achieve the heights you’ve always dreamt of.