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Top 10 Software Testing Tools in 2021

We use a lot of software daily. All of our professional and regular work is now getting dependent on them. That is why they need to be perfect. But achieving this perfect user experience is not an easy task. Software tends to be buggy. That is why we need tools to test them thoroughly before making them public. The tools we use for this purpose are software testing tools.

What are software testing tools?

Software testing tools are also some kinds of software serving as a tool to analyze and test other software.

These tools initiate tests on various parameters of the subject software. It tests its coding, performance, thoroughness and detects any kind of performance defects or other issues. With the results from these tools, developers can revise their software and refurbish them to make them bug-free.

Software testing tools have a lot of variants based on their purpose.

Some software testing tools are made to test out automation, some are for testing functionality and some for testing speed and overall performance.

Top 10 software testing tools

There are hundreds of software testing tools out in the market. So, it is logical to say that a handful of them will be reliable. So here is our recommendation of the 10 best software testing tools.


Cypress is JavaScript-based software. This software has a very user-friendly interface, especially for developers. This tool was built for the modern web.

It uses a DOM manipulation technique to identify errors. The best thing about it is that it can be operated directly from the web browser.

This software testing tool can do the work of 10 other software testing tools together. Moreover, Cypress is not an automatic testing tool. You can create your testing protocol in it by writing the test in JavaScript.

This tool is used by top software development companies like Enozom. So be sure to check it out.

Telerik Test Studio

Telerik is best for testing the functionality of your web-based software. This software testing tool has the most user-friendly user interface. Everything you need is right in front of you in the interface.

It can perform many tests for your web-based software. Tests like functionality, performance, load speed, API can be easily initiated. Advanced testing like Blazor, Angular, Ajax, MVC, and RESTful can also be performed.

All of these powerful testings do come with a cost. That cost is to have a powerful computer. Otherwise, the tool may crash before finishing the test.


Testim is one of the most unusual software testing tools out there. The way you record a test for initiating is very unusual but easy and unique.

You don’t need to type in codes (Maybe a little amount for some tests). All you need to do is install the Chrome extension of Testim and use that action to record the test. How do you do that? Just browse the software from the browser and act as a user for the test.

The AI of Testim will record your activity and use that to run the test. If you want to customize a recorded test, you can always do that by editing the code created by the AI from recording your activity.


TestRail is another easy-to-use software testing tool. It is designed for testing scalability, customizability, and case management. You can automate the testing or manually operate each step and customize the testing procedure.

Moreover, TestRail can be integrated with other software testing tools to make the testing procedure easier and more flexible. You should give it a try. Set up is very fast.

Test Architect

Test Architect was built for action-based testing. It utilizes the ABTL language for that. ABTL is a language built for test automation. So it does work well with software testing tools.

Although it is equipped with the best action-based testing tools, some missing elements have drag downed its position on our list. So we will ask you to test it out before purchasing its full version.

Lamda Test

Lamda Test is best for testing both desktop and web-based software and applications. Cross-browser testing can be initiated, so no need to worry about that.

Tests can be automated or manualized. You also have the liberty to choose your coding language.

Tests like Geo-Targeting, blocking, localization can be performed as well.


XRay is the best software testing tool for QA developers. It aims to improve the quality of your software by initiating effective tests. It can seamlessly integrate with Selenium, Nunit, JUnit, and Robot to increase the efficiency of the testing.

For seeing results, XRay comes with a built-in report-making mechanism so you can immediately see them.

Zephyr Scale

Zephyr Scale is made by SmartBear. This software testing tool is built for testing the overall performance of the subject software. Testing is very easy with it and it also supports cross-browser testing.

This software can integrate with others and provide advanced reporting.


QTP, short for Quick Test Professional, is developed by the computer company HP. Now this software testing tool is known as the Micro Focus UFT, short for Unified Functional Testing.

This tool is mainly used for testing the functionality of your software. But it can be used for all kinds of testing including GUI and automation.


This software testing tool can automatically assess the environment of the subject software and start testing it. That is why AppliTools is the easiest to use.

Moreover, the AI of Appli Tools allows it to automatically integrate itself with any existing tests and further improve it for better results. It provides an interactive report at the end of each test for modifications.


These were our recommendations for software testing tools. They serve different purposes. Some are best for automation testing while others are made for testing the functionality only.

So, you should be a little careful about choosing the tool that you will use.

Our recommendation will be to use different software for different testing purposes. I will increase the testing time, but it will improve the quality of your software. Again, it is all your choice.