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The Top 10 SaaS Business Ideas for 2022

We all are entrepreneurs at heart. The only difference is some foster their fire of entrepreneurship to start their start-up while others don’t care and go in other directions. They say entrepreneurship is hard now. That is true. Entrepreneurship is a trending phenomenon now, especially the SaaS business. This pandemic has proven that better. Because of that, everyone is racing to open their SaaS startups. But they are failing because they did not give it enough thought.

So, in this article, we have listed the top 10 SaaS business ideas for 2022 so you can have a proper starting point for your SaaS entrepreneurship.

Top 10 SaaS Business Ideas for 2022

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation software services are increasing in demand every day. As the e-commerce industry is growing globally with new competitors entering the market, the competition is getting tight.

Such tight competition can be overcome with appropriate online marketing strategies. That is where marketing automation can help by capturing large groups of audiences in one click.

Not only e-commerce is utilizing marketing automation, but blog sites are also using them for more views. So, every website is a customer for your marketing automation start-up.

Cloud CRM Software

CRM, Customer relationship management, is another great SaaS business start-up for 2022. Why? It’s because the demand for CRM is increasing ng daily as the e-commerce industry is growing.

Entrepreneurs and online business owners are using this software for managing relationships with their increasing customer base.

It is not too late to enter this cloud CRM software industry. You can start right now. But make sure you have designed a product that can stand up to the challenges posed by other big CRM startups.

Cloud ERP System

ERP systems, Enterprise Resource Planning system is another great SaaS business startup that can be highly profitable in the year 2022.

This software solution for organizations and HR managers has already shown great potential in the market. Research shows that Cloud ERP systems will make $37.7 billion by 2024.

That is two years from now. SO why not get on the Cloud ERP system startup train now?

KPI Tracker

KPI tracker is getting high demand both from an organizational and personal perspective. You know how KPI works, right? Based on our KPI results, we are given compensation in our jobs. But a lot of us find it difficult to maintain our KPI. That is why KPI software is high in demand.

The average monthly revenue of KPI tracker SaaS businesses is nearly $200,000. Imagine how high it will become when the pandemic ends and the number of jobs will increase. So, it is a good SaaS start-up consideration for 2022.

Tele Healthcare

The pandemic of covid-19 has shown a dramatic increase in the demand for telehealthcare SaaS businesses. Moreover, people are getting more accustomed to the idea of telehealthcare. So, the demand for telehealthcare is continuously increasing. With new technologies in our smartphones and computers, telehealthcare is getting more streamlined. Even hospitals and professional doctors are getting fully involved with such platforms.

So, it is a good place to put your money and start your very own telehealthcare SaaS start-up.

Collaboration/ Team building Platforms

The trend of working from home has given the rise in the demand for online team building/ collaboration software. With this software, employees can communicate with each other and work on a project live while also reviewing each other’s progress. The revenue of some team-building SaaS is hitting the millions.

Although there are many big competitors in this SaaS business, the demand for something new is still on the rise. So, if you can come up with something new that the others don’t have, you can beat them in the competition and rise.

Technology Skills Developing Software

Technology Skills Developing Software services businesses. It is more like an e-learning SaaS business, but more focused on technical skills that an employee will need in their job.

There are very few service providers in this SaaS sector. But the demand is high and increasing. So, you can enter this SaaS business sector and can entertain a bi number of crowds without much marketing effort.


Accounting is another great SaaS business start-up idea for 2022. Though there are many accounting software in the industry, none of them are universally compatible. Because the problem is different countries have different rules in terms of accounting.

So, if you can take up the extra effort on developing an accounting software that can maybe support all country settings in a continent, then there is a high chance that it will rank higher in the competition.

So, if you dare to take on such a task, you should go ahead and start developing it right now.

Capital Management

As a subsection of accounting and ERP software, you can focus on the market of Capital management SaaS business.

This software focuses on managing employee records and making payrolls according to their performance throughout the month.

The industry is high in demand. Reports show that the Capital management industry is likely to hit $26.5 billion by 2024.

Travel planner software

The pandemic of covid-19 has impacted the tourism business. It has almost destroyed all standard infrastructure and business models.

The traditional travel routes are no more, thus people cannot rely on the old methods anymore. So, this is a perfect opportunity to develop a Travel planner software that can inform the user of the real-time updates on their travel routes to make the appropriate accommodation and transportation arrangements.


So, these are the top 10 Saas business ideas that you can give a try for the year of 2022. We would say that there are a lot of opportunity windows open.

2022 will be like an economical reboot of the world as all businesses are rethinking their operations. So we highly recommend that you make use of this opportunity and launch your start-up.

It may be small at the beginning, but in time it can become a multi-million-dollar business.