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The Top 10 ERP Software Solutions

ERP- Enterprise Resource Planning is a software solution that is designed for all kinds of business types. ERP system assists numerous procedures of a business’s internal and external functions. Enterprise resource planning helps to understand the insights of a company’s RTOS. The strategies provided by ERP include managing costs, services, and productions. This software tracks down a whole company and its 3 main elements, which are – resources, overhead, and commitments of a company’s central sections. Insiders are able to access the areas to get along with the tasks assigned. The management can access all the parts of the software and can make changes or keep an eye on the data.

ERP- Enterprise Resource Planning also helps to protect a company’s security systems from being compromised. Out of dozens of Enterprise Resource Planning software solutions, we’ve shortlisted the top 10:


The most used and renowned company Microsoft is known for providing ERP software. Microsoft Dynamics is responsible for the ERP section. The Dynamics section provides a complete integrated network for operations, financial management, manufacturing, supply chain control, HR, and many more.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management provides the mixed-mode and complex capability for manufacturing and provides a dedicated chamber for warehouse management capacity.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is for small and mid-market businesses, which can be extended with industry-specific applications that you can find in the Microsoft AppSource marketplace.


From the very beginning of SAP’s existence in 1972 to the present day, SAP has built its position strong and acquired international customers, which is both flexible and expandable. The estimated number of customers by now of SAP is over fifty thousand from over twenty-five countries.

SAP monitors advanced analytics, cloud, machine learning, and added efficacy using the in-memory SAP HANA database. SAP S/4HANA delivers root analysis, robotic process automation, and machine learning. Both SAP Business One and SAP Business ByDesign are designed for small and mid-business organizations.


 SYSPRO is an ideal solution for business growth. is dedicated to the distribution and manufacturing industries. For producers and distributors in a range of industries, the SYSPRO system offers sector-specialized features. SYSPRO is a single solution yet organizations can pick from a variety of options, like Distribution Management software, Manufacturing Management software, and others. This software offers customization and modification with little or no coding, which is very useful in the long run.

Companies get benefits from all of their major business activities, including inventory management, supply chain interactions, financing, and company operations using SYSPRO Enterprise Resource Planning.


Oracle is one of the biggest names in the software company sector. It provides database technology and software, enterprise products and cloud engineered systems. This company is famous for its enterprise systems supporting ERP, Human Capital Management, CRM, and many more. Oracle offers a lot of varieties.

By acquiring NetSuite in 2016, Oracle strengthened the company’s position in the ERP sector even more. Oracle’s solution provides a user-friendly backend, constant cloud support, and a strong objective for continuous growth. Oracle also provides IoT and blockchain capabilities that combine your operational and mechanical data.


SAGE is one of the largest ERP suppliers. provides services for both small and large companies. Its strategic collection has served a great deal over the years to its customers to build up their position strong with the help of business management software.

SAGE provides strong tools for financing, accounting, manufacturing, business observations, management in all sectors, and so on. The construction and real-estate industries generally depend on SAGE.


Epicor is one of the most experienced brands out there. Over decades it has evolved its software. Its main goals are distribution, service industries, manufacturing, and retail. Like other organizations, Epicor also specializes in financing and accounting tools. Epicor has a modular perspective towards its software architecture which has the benefit of customizing features according to customers’ requirements.


Infor has a powerful ERP ground in the market. It has collaborated with more than sixty-eight thousand organizations from all around the world. Though it collaborated with big organizations, this company focuses mainly on small and mid-businesses. The CloudSuite system of Infor is a specialized system that ensures the best services to all organizations of every background. Its cloud software is hosted in the Amazon Web Services. Infor’s CloudSuites – an industry-specific provider that provides recommendations, anticipations, derived insights, group data, and effort merging.


Odoo was founded in 2005. From 2005 to this day, Odoo has come up with a number of apps that are cloud-based for every kind of help. Odoo is the best option for working in the marketplace of open-source. Its ERP software is flexible and helps organizations to conduct management efficiently. Odoo’s open-source territory presents solutions for CRM, management, HR, and sales. Its different module options give you more freedom to customize ERP for your organization.


Deskera has a more modern pattern for ERP than many other options we’re talking about. It was founded in 2008 and has developed a customer base of more than a hundred thousand. Deskera deals with many high-end clients like Starbucks and Google. d Deskera’s ERP is a depth to its diversity. It covers an extensive range of demands of organizations. Accounts, stock managing, financial documents, bill management, customer management, and sales management. It even offers tools for managing inventory and tracking stock levels in modern ways.


IFS is dedicated to supporting business operations globally. With the help of IFS, organizations can avail tools that are needed to predict change, improve performance and reduce avoidable expenditures. Through IFS, you can use the advantages of tools for service management, project management, and asset management.

Final Thoughts

ERP- Enterprise Resource Planning is used by businesses to combine and strategize the necessary data for both inside and outside operations. If the ERP is implemented correctly, a company’s institutional development is ensured. It increases the efficiency, profit, and performance of a company. ERP also helps in achieving digital transformation. All of the 10 ERP software solutions are the best out there. Entrust Enozom to getting a suitable ERP for any company with professional’s suggestions.