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Things to Know Before Building On-demand Service Apps

On-demand service apps are very popular nowadays. They are so popular that all new businesses are making room for on-demand service apps. Old businesses are adopting it just to survive in the market.

If you are planning to open an on-demand service apps for your business, then there are certain things you need to know before planning. The most important thing you need to do is to find a reliable software development company like Enozom for the job.

What is an On-Demand Service Apps?

First, we need to make sure that we know what on-demand service apps is. An on-demand service software connects the customer to the service providers directly. Most on-demand service software connects the customer with a buyer and the payment/service purchasing price is fixed on the app.

Some practical examples are Uber, ride-sharing apps, etc. What happens in the Uber app? Basically, it is a ride-sharing platform. You are in an emergency need of reaching a certain destination and you place the order in Uber. A driver will accept your demand for payment and Uber will connect you with the driver immediately. So, your demand was raised without a prior warning and the app served it.

It was just an example of hiring a ride. It can be anything else like food, product, and goods. This is what on-demand service apps does.

Types of On-Demand Service Apps

There are mainly two types of on-demand service software. On-demand software for a business, and on-demand marketplace.

On-Demand Software for Business

it’s a software for business is just one software working for one business only. To give you an idea, Uber is not an on-demand software for business. It is a software for an on-demand marketplace (more on the next section).

The workload in operating on-demand software for business is much more. Not only will you have to work on the software itself, but you will have to manage your business too. Then you will have to consider the cost of product/ service deliveries.

We would not recommend this approach unless your customers are willing to pay for the cost if they want a separate on-demand outlet of your business only. If not then get yourself involved in the On-Demand marketplace.

On-Demand Marketplace

An on-demand marketplace is more like a platform. Uber is an on-demand marketplace software. Here the businesses are the drivers, and we are the customers. So, there are many businesses available on the platform.

Uber just needs to maintain its platform. The maintenance of the businesses involved in this platform is not on Uber’s shoulders. That is the advantage of on-demand marketplace software. These types of software have the potentiality of being profitable.

Must-have Features to Include in an On-Demand Service Apps

Now what we need to know are the features that our newly developed on-demand service apps must have in it.

1.    User Profile

It is a must-have feature for any business platform. The reason for having this feature is to utilize it for legal registration and security both for the customer and businesses.

2.    Map Integration

A map is also a must because the service of on-demand apps is usually delivered to your home. So if you have a map integrated into the app, the customers will be able to mark their delivery spot and also choose the business that is near their home.

3.    Real-Time Tracking

Real-time tracking is necessary for two reasons. For one, customers can track and see whether their order is going to the wrong destination.

Two, it will give ease to the customer by seeing how close their order is to reach its destination. We are very impatient, so seeing it coming closer and closer will satisfy us to some extent.

4.    Online/ offline button

This feature will be used by the business that will register in your on-demand marketplace platform. Some businesses are not available 24/7. So when they are closed, they can click on the offline button. So no order will be processed in their closed hours.

5.    Rating

There will be hundreds of service providers on your on-demand platform. Your customer needs to know which one will be the best choice. Ratings and reviews from previous customers will help them to identify the best choice. So it is a must-have feature.

6.    Payment

Payment methods are a must. But you should include the ones that are mostly used by customers involved in your platform. So do some research in this department.

7.    Push Notifications

Push notification is for alerting service/ product providers and customers. When a customer orders a service, the provider must be alerted so that they can deliver. When the order is received and delivered, the customer must be alerted too so that they can receive it.

8.    Customer Care Center

You must implement a help center to receive any kind of feedback and alert from your customers so that you can improve your business.

Things to consider before building an On-Demand Service Apps

Now there are some things that you must consider before finalizing your decision. Let’s have a look.

1.    Cost

The first thing to consider is the cost of building the app and then running its operation. For building the app, you should contact a reliable software development company like Enozom. Have a seat and chat with them to understand the cost of making the app. They can also provide you with the cost of running the app afterward.

2.    Location

The next thing is the location. Do you want your app to be part of a local area or a particular country? The cost also depends on that.

3.    Viability

The last and most important thing, viability. Will your app be desirable? Will people use your app to solve their problems? DO some research to see if your app will be viable or not.


Building an on-demand service app is not child’s play. There are lots of things to consider. Lots of obstacles need to be overcome. That is why you must know everything about the app you are developing and be decisive about all the aspects. Only then your on-demand service software will be successful and desirable.