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What to Consider When Building On-demand Service Mobile App

Assume you’ve discovered a product on the internet that you love. You instantly click to purchase it.  You can’t wait anymore. You want to have the product as quickly as possible. When the delivery guy finally knocks on your door, your joys know no bounds. This article will highlight what to consider when building on-demand service mobile app.

This kind of incident happens frequently with us. Back in the day, it was only a dream. This came to reality because of the amazing on-demand services apps.

As we’ve mentioned, we are losing our patience. The days of waiting for weeks and months are long gone. Now people want to get satisfied instantly. This Is the reason why the on-demand services business is everywhere.

Every field has one of these apps because of their convenience, quality, and speed. Enozom is an excellent platform for businesses who want to develop on-demand service apps.

What is On-Demand Service App?

Before building your on-demand service mobile app, you need to understand the basics. So, an on-demand service app connects the customer to the providers. The most practical example would be Uber-like apps. You open the ride-sharing app and search for rides.

The app connects with service providers and payment gets fixed. This is the process of most on-demand apps.

We all run into situations where we need service fast. An on-demand service connects you to the top service providers in the area. Manually doing it yourself would’ve taken you weeks. But with a demand service app, you can do it in minutes. On-demand apps have completely changed the concept of service delivery.

Why Should You Consider Building Your On-demand Service Mobile App?

As an entrepreneur, you might be hesitating. Why should I build an on-demand service mobile app? The bigger question is why shouldn’t you. The global economy saw a huge boost in 2016. The main reason behind it was on-demand service apps.

They were spreading like wildfire. The numbers are still growing to this day. By making an on-demand service app, you can hit a jackpot.

On-demand services startups are becoming increasingly popular. Before thinking of making one yourself, you need to know the key factors of why they are so popular. So, without further ado, let’s look at them.


Everyone uses a smartphone these days. We stare for hours on end into the tiny little screens. Therefore, it’s easy to access an on-demand service mobile app. With one click you can get all the services at your disposal.

Instant Service

People want instant delivery. Suppose you ordered a delicious meal. As soon as you order, you expect it to reach you as soon as possible. On-demand apps are the only platforms that can accomplish this lightning-fast delivery.

Even when they can’t, they will let you communicate with the providers. As a result, the customers can relax.

Lower Costs

On-demand services apps provide service at a low cost. While other places can charge you an arm and a leg, on-demand apps hardly charge any unnecessary fees. This is the main driving force behind buyers using on-demand apps.

Versatile Payment Methods

On-demand services apps support a wide range of payment methods. You can pay for the service with PayPal, wire transfer, or Stripe. You can even pay with cash after the service. All the methods are safe and reliable.

Business Models To Consider

So, now that we’ve learned the ins and outs of an on-demand service mobile app, we should choose a business model. There are two models you can choose from.

1. On-demand App for Your Own Business

This business model is for those who already have a business. The business can be anything. From flower shops to pet stores, you name it. An on-demand delivery app can allow you to connect with your customers.

They will be able to order your products from the app and you will deliver them. This can help you expand your existing business even more. The only thing you should think about is the cost. There isn’t just the development cost. You also have to pay for the transportation.

2. On-demand Marketplace

This business model doesn’t require you to have an existing business. Therefore, already the task is simpler. Your only job is to connect customers with the right service providers. Your app will be the platform that connects them.

There are tons of on-demand apps like Upwork, Uber that follow this model. You need to go with the flow. Examine current trends and create a platform that revolves around them.

Features You Need to Integrate into Your On-demand Service Mobile App

There are some key features you need to incorporate in your on-demand service mobile app. These features are essential and they will make your app more engaging. Users need to find everything under one roof. So, let’s check them out.

1. User Profile

This is a must. You need to have a function in your mobile app for creating user profiles. Most on-demand service apps allow users to register and sign in using email/phone.

2. Map Integration

This feature allows customers to find your business on the map. For instance, when you open Uber, you see a map indicating nearby drivers in your location. It makes it easy for the customers to find the right providers.

3. Real-Time Tracking

You will hear customers often complain that service providers misplaced their products. This happens a lot.  When you ship a product to a customer’s address, it must travel a considerable distance. You need to keep track of it.

That’s why people think delivery orders management is a nightmare.  For cases like this, real-time order tracking can go a long way. Your and your customers can track the whereabouts of the product. Delivery route planner also ensures the right delivery time.

4. Online/offline Button

This feature is for those who want to build an on-demand marketplace. Service providers won’t be active 24/7. Therefore, you’re on-demand service app should have an online/offline button. When the service providers are ready to take orders, they will go online. Otherwise, they will stay offline. This helps customers find the providers that are available at the moment.

5. Ratings and Reviews

There will be hundreds of service providers near each customer. How can they find out the best one? For this reason, your app should have a ratings and reviews system. Therefore, the customers can rate the service providers based on their performance.

This helps the best service providers stand out. Customers will have a much better experience and they will use your app frequently.

6. Payment Methods

Your app should have different payment methods. Customers have different preferences. So, you need to integrate the ones that they use the most. Cash on delivery is one of the most popular options. Thus, you need to have the option in your app. Also, payment with a card or Paypal is great.

7. Push Notifications

When the customers choose a product or service, your app has to alert the providers. This is why the push notification feature is important. Without this feature, providers will never know the response of the customers.

8. Help and Support

Customers will most likely encounter issues when using the app. It can be technical or communicational. Either way, your app should always assist them every step of the way.

This feature will also help your app get a good reputation. You can add the email address or phone number so that they can seek your help at any time.

How Do You Build your On-demand Service Mobile App?

Building on-demand service mobile apps will require hardowork and dedication. You have to choose a niche and develop an app that would serve well. Also, you can take Enozom’s help for developing a top-notch on-demand service app.

1. Do Your Research

Coding may seem like the most difficult part of building an on-demand app. But it isn’t. Yes, coding and UI/UX design and development are crucial. But the most important thing is coming up with the right business idea. Research about different niches.

See what people are into these days. Try finding out an available service that can have an easier alternative. After thorough research, you will surely come with on-demand services ideas.

2. Find Out Existing Solution

The on-demand industry is very competitive. There is an app for everything. Imagine you come up with a revolutionary idea and suddenly see that there is an app already like it. But don’t get sad. Apps don’t cover everything.

There will be gaps and holes in the service they provide. That’s why look at your competitors and notice what they are lacking. Try incorporating those features in your on-demand app. People will choose your app over them.

3. Plan the Delivery Price Wisely

The main purpose of an on-demand service app is delivery. People need to get the products as quickly as possible.

But, when the prices are too stiff, they will choose another cheap alternative. That’s why you need to set the delivery price wisely. A cheap price will attract more attention from the customer.

4. Find a Good Development Team

You can’t do everything by yourself. Software development isn’t easy. For coding and building an amazing user interface, you need developers. You can either hire in-house developers or offshore developers.

In-house developers will provide you support and maintenance whenever you need it. These kinds of developers are suitable for long-term projects. But the bummer is that they are quite expensive.

As an entrepreneur, you won’t have much capital. On the other hand, offshore developers are cheap. But they won’t do the whole project. You can get a portion of the project done.

5. Create an MVP

Before you enter a competitive market, you need to test your app. That’create a minimum viable product to check the functionality of your app. When you launch your MVP, people will give feedback. Based on the feedback you can improve your mobile app. This helps in the android app development process.

5. Future Updates

After building your app, you shouldn’t just stop there. Always look for improvements in the app. Look for a new approach and stay on top of the trend. Customers will want new and exciting services from your app. By incorporating them, your on-demand app will always be ahead.

Things To Consider When Building Your On-Demand Service App

Now, let’s look at the factors that you need to keep in mind before building your on-demand service mobile app.

1. Cost

The cost of your on-demand service mobile app may vary. It can vary on factors like complexity, features, and accessibility. A more complex design will most likely cost you more money. Also, you need to pay developers a lot of money to build attractive features.

That’s why before building the app, predict an estimated cost. Most eCommerce startups and online shopping sites fail. They don’t estimate their costs. That’s why have a clear idea when you are building your on-demand service app.

2. Location

Your app’s location is very important. Suppose you develop a ride-sharing app before analyzing the statistics. After looking at the statistics, you realize the people in the location use public transports. They don’t prefer transportation booking or ridesharing apps.

All your hard work and effort will go into vain. That’s why analyze your location. See what business will run the most. Not every business will work in a particular location. People have different preferences. Also, the cost of your on-demand mobile app may vary depending on your location.

3. Viability

Your app needs to be a solution to a particular problem. This problem should be something that people face every day. Many entrepreneurs fail to build a successful on-demand mobile app. This happens because the app is not viable.

Either the app provides outdated service or doesn’t have any demand yet. That’s why aim to create an app that will be a realistic response to consumer demand.

Final Thoughts

Building an on-demand mobile app isn’t easy. There will be a lot of obstacles in the path. But when you manage to surpass them, your whole life will change. The best thing about it is the experience. You are changing people’s lives.

Either it’s an eCommerce mobile app or an eCommerce startup, the service will help people fulfill their needs. This alone ought to make you happy either you get successful or not.