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POC, Prototype, and MVP. What is The Difference?

On their way to launch the final product, startups have to make lots of decisions from mockup creation to feature design and budget revision. But deciding whether they should develop a minimum viable product, proof of concept or a prototype might be one of the most challenging. If you can’t decide which one to adopt or how they differ, here we will help you know the difference between POC, Prototype & MVP.

What is POC?

A POC (Proof of Concept) is the best approach to verify the uncertain idea or the idea’s feasibility to be implemented. In case of mobile app development, a mobile app POC is typically a small internal project that is used before the actual development and launching of the product. POC is not usually something public, it’s actually a part of the project planning and feasibility study phase so it’s not shown to the end-users. It may not be a usable product at all since it focuses on verifying the idea and whether it’s applicable or not. Building a POC needs a sufficient amount of time and effort for the team to do their research and verify the idea before development. Its key pros that it verifies the idea, gives opportunity to innovative ideas, reduces cost and time for feature validation and reduces errors and bugs in early stages as well.

What is Prototype?

While a POC shows a product concept can be done, a prototype shows how the idea will be done. There are many methods for prototyping, but in mobile app development, a prototype usually starts with sketches interface and transforms into an interactive model that resembles the final product. In a prototype product designers test the mobile app prototype, navigate through the app and try the whole flow and user experience so they can add their new ideas for modifications and enhancements and eventually come up with the final product to be implemented. Its key advantages is that it gives early feedback for the products, identifies defects, gives better experience of the flow as well as simplifying complex ideas through visual effects.

What is MVP?

An MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is a minimal form with minimum features of your product that can be published to the end-user and market. This method of development allows you to your end-users reaction to your product before you waste more money and resources building something that maybe unneeded and useless. An MVP is a functional product that has the minimum enough features for it to be delivered to its initial group of users. MVP is a standalone and initial system on its own as It represents the fundamental version of your system that end-users can try give their feedback for more enhancements. Its advantages is preventing waste of money, time and resources, gives insights and feedback and defines what the end-user really need.

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