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On-Demand Services & Custom Software Development

On-demand services apps are serving almost all needed services in our everyday life. The main advantage of the on-demand services startups is that it’s easy for the consumer to get everything they need anytime, anywhere, and in the most convenient way without the need to go out, just a single click on their phone and it’s all done. That’s why on-demand app development is also gaining popularity as technology simplifies and helps both customers and service providers to fulfill their needs.

Custom software development for on-demand services apps has changed the way service providers work as well. As the customer can request the required service, service providers or their representatives or employees can receive the requests anywhere and anytime. For example, the delivery man don’t need to be in a certain restaurant location to take orders, they can be anywhere and get the nearest requests to them then get the order from the nearest restaurant branch.  

So, let’s take a look on how custom software development has changed the shape of serviced provided to customers and the most popular fields that are depending on the mobile app providing them.


One of the first services ever that adopted the electronic version of it was the commerce and selling businesses. That’s why it is called obviously E-Commerce, which didn’t exist before the on-demand services were presented to the world and it’s now the most used on-demand service all over the world either on websites or a mobile app. You can buy literally anything online, either you are a fashion addict and want to get the latest summer collection or just getting your groceries for today’s dinner. You can get anything on your doorstep by just one click.


Mobile apps offering Taxi or Rideshare services have been significantly growing in the past couple of years. Either you need to get a ride in a car, bus, or even a motorbike, you can easily request your proffered ride then it will reach your location in a matter of seconds.

Shipping and Logistics

Courier & logistics related service providers have witnessed a huge transformation after the breakthrough of on-demand economy. You can easily request shipping and delivery services and the nearest shipping employee will come to your location, pick up your package and deliver it to wherever you want.   

Food Delivery

What is better that ordering a big Pizza?! Yes, ordering it using your favorite food ordering app! Food delivery apps are one of the most used apps all over the world. Data from CGA Peach in 2016 indicated that more than 50% British adult population or 28.6 million people have had a takeaway brought to their doorstep in the first half of 2016. Food delivery market also stands at €83 billion, or 1% of the entire food market and 4% of food sold through diners and restaurants.

Household & Maintenance Services

Something has broken on your house? Or do you want to change the color of your walls? It has never been easier. You can find professionals in household services and home maintenance easily through on-demand home services apps either you needed a mechanic, carpenter, electrician or plumber. You can also book a babysitter or a household worker.

So it’s now obvious that custom software development has a real impact on different types of business and startups all over the world. We at Enozom provide high quality custom Web Development & Mobile Development that can help your business grow. Contact us now for a free consultancy!