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Must Have Features When Developing a Real Estate App

Mobile apps and websites are now a necessity for almost all industries. And Real Estate is one of the major businesses that are depending on software solutions nowadays. So, if you are planning to develop an app for you real estate business, here are some must have features, so you end up with a successful app.

Categories and Filters

Advanced filters and categories are essential features as they will help buyers to find the right property for them as it is the most challenging part of the process of buying or renting a house. That’s why you need categories and filters for your mobile app, as they’re the main tools that buyers will use.

Property Profiles

The property profile must include detailed and comprehensive information about the property. Customers need to view photos of the properties, description about its facilities, and prices list of rentals or purchasing as well as the properties’ location on map.

Price Calculator

Add a calculator to your mobile app to help users find out the final price of a home including loan interest in different banks. The calculator should be detailed, allowing users to choose the price of a home, their initial payment, the loan interest and the loan repayment period.


A map showing the property location can help buyers know more about the area and the facilities and services available nearby. Also it’s helpful so they can reach the location when they are going to have an appointment in the property location.  


Adding a calendar to your real estate app will help customers and real estate agents to manage their locations visits appointments. It’s an essential feature especially for real estate agents whose job depends on these appointments.


Customers must have the ability to shortlist their favorite properties, so a favorites menu in the app is an important feature that will help customers not to get confused and lose their selected properties. They can just keep them in one place and get back to them anytime.

Database & Listing

A big database is important for your application, it’s a core feature for your app as you will have lots of listings of properties and buyers as well as real estate agents with all of their details and information.

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