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Home Maintenance and Cleaning Service Apps Features

When was the last time you cleaned your house? Our lives have grown so hectic these days that we barely have time for them. That’s why there is an enormous demand for home maintenance and cleaning service apps. Users can easily book a professional to get their house all neat and tidy.

But you can’t just make a mediocre app and expect to get lots of users. You need to create an app with engaging content and great features. Only then people will start recognizing your app.

6 Must-have Features in Home Maintenance and Cleaning apps

You may be thinking of developing an app that stands out from the rest. But the truth is there are thousands of similar apps already on the market. So, what can you do?

Well, to compete with the rest, your app must have some phenomenal features. If you manage to do that, your app will look more appealing and will scale well in the future. So, let’s look at the must-have features in home maintenance and cleaning service apps.

Search Option

The first thing that everyone notices when they go to a website or an app is the search option. They want to search for their favorite keywords to get the results. Similarly, in-home maintenance and cleaning apps, users want to search for specific services.

That’s why your app needs to have a search option where your users can search for different services. After searching, the app will display a variety of services related to the search. From there, the users can select and book the services as they wish. The services can be cleaning, painting, moving items, trash removal, and so on.

When there is no search bar in the app, users will get confused. They will spend their time searching for the right services. Gradually, they will get annoyed. So, make sure your home maintenance and cleaning app have a search option.

Listings and Reviews

Keep in mind that the users are only interested in getting their job done. So, your app must have a list of professionals who have plenty of experience in the field. From the lists, the users can select the best ones for their services.

Reviews are a great way for users to hire professionals. So, make sure your app has a review system where users can see the reviews and ratings of the professionals. You can mention their hourly rates as well. Try to be as transparent as possible with the users.

Multiple Payment Options

Imagine a user is looking through your home maintenance and cleaning service app. The user is convinced. So, he is going to book a service. But while booking, the user notices there aren’t many payment options available. So, he quickly closes your app and goes to another one.

This kind of incident can happen when your app has a limited number of payment options. Users don’t always have a diverse range of payment options. They always look for options that they have access to. Your job is to provide as many possibilities as possible. So, make sure your home maintenance and cleaning service app have a versatile range of payment options.  Options like PayPal, e-wallet, debit/ credit card is a must.

Custom job options

An app can’t have all kinds of services in it. But the users have needs of all kinds. Customers will frequently require services that are not provided by your app. In this kind of case, the custom job options can be a lifesaver.

This feature allows the app users to customize their own specific services based on their needs. According to their needs, you can send the professionals. This way the customer will be happy and they will keep coming to your app.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are a great feature to interact with your users. You can notify them about future updates and offers.

The main objective of this feature is to keep on engaging them to use the app. After using the app once, the users will forget to come back. Notifications will keep on alerting them about exciting news and offers so that they will click on them and use the services again.

View Bookings

Until the job gets done, the users will always want to know about the progress. With this feature, the users can view all the details about the bookings. They can know about the destination, time schedule, and even the payment structure.

This way the customers will feel much more relaxed knowing that everything is going according to the plan. You can also communicate with the users to deliver solutions according to their requests.

Tips for developing home maintenance and cleaning service apps

Users always want an application that is easy to use. So, don’t confuse them with overly complicated user interfaces. Develop a sleek interface that has everything under one roof. Make sure the app allows easy booking and scheduling.

Users will always be in need of maintenance and cleaning services. So, it needs to have a rescheduling option as well. Try to provide the users with real-time tracking of the professionals. It will increase the credibility of your app.

Don’t try to attract users with fake offers or services. It does more harm than good. Only include the services that you actually provide.

Final Thoughts

People are getting busier with their work. Times have become so rough that they hardly stay home. Most of their time they spend in offices. As a result, their houses are getting dirtier. This is where home maintenance and cleaning service apps come in. Your app can be the source of happiness in their houses. If you manage to incorporate all the must-have features, your app will always have tons of visitors. Who knows, your app might be the next Uber.