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Must Have Features in Flight Booking App

It is not a secret that everything is digitalized these days. Web apps and mobile apps are the options for everybody now. Flight booking app is an obvious example of this revolution. The traditional way of booking flight tickets is so outdated now, and what better replacement than flight bookings apps can be. Therefore, software companies are so keen on the web and mobile app development of flight booking apps. Tech companies are really considerate when it comes to iOS and android app development in order to provide their users with the best experience they can have. Speaking of so, Flight booking apps are really time saving, accurate flight details and trouble-free use.

When beginning your web design process, knowing that there are 2 types of flight booking apps which is going to affect your UX/UI design and development process. Both are under the category of B2C apps.

Aggregator app:

It’s the type where you find different airlines with all the details about their flights. This kind of app offers the user the variety of choosing which Flight Company, times, prices suit them best.

Dedicated app:

This sort of app is dedicated to one airline. Airlines develop their own flight booking apps to have a direct connection with their customers. This model is useful when the customer has already decided what airline they want to deal with.

Top Features for your flight booking app

  • Flight History
  • Reviews and feedback
  • Customer Support
  • Mass Booking
  • Multi-ticket Booking
  • Flight Status
  • Search and Filter
  • Flight Booking
  • Login and signup
  • XML Integration
  • Booking Status
  • Payment Methods
  • Multilingual Support
  • Push Notifications
  • Loyalty programs and frequent flyer
  • Social media Integration 

Login and signup

When starting in your software development, login and sign up is a great starting point. Trouble free login and signup process insure a great first impression of your app.

Flight Booking

The flight booking process is a crucial one when it comes to your software development. You have to make it as easy as possible to your customer. Booking their flights with a few taps would ensure your customer revisiting your app. This can be facilitated by allowing your customer to book their flights by entering their destination and flight times. In this step, it would be helpful to provide your customer with all the information about their flight like wait times, gate number, etc.

XML Integration

XML flight integration connects your app to multiple airlines. It is necessary for real-time flight ticket availability and flight schedules. When it comes to your agile development, integrating with a xml flight system is a must. This step will allow your customers to view various flights with various airlines, providing variety of options for your customer.

Search and Filter

Search helps your customer to find the most convenient traveling options. It helps them compare prices, find the best offers and have different options. Adding filter feature will be really helpful. Allowing your customer to apply filters according to their budget or any other requirements will give the a  really pleasant experience

Booking status

Booking status will be really helpful for you customer when making sure of their flight information, confirmation and cancelation.

Flight Status

In this page, a customer should be able to view any cancelation, delay, stops and departure. It is a necessary feature to include sets flight booking apps apart from traditional ways.

Payment methods

An easy secure payment process is a must have in your flight booking app. Providing multiple methods of payment is a necessity when it comes to customers’ satisfaction. Providing a multi-currency payment process is going to give your app a huge advantage.

Multi-ticket Booking

Such feature allows your customer to book and confirm multiple tickets. It is really helpful as it enables your customer to well plan for their business or vacation trips.

Multilingual Support

The majority of web and mobile apps are expected to support different languages. In the case of flight booking apps, multilingual support is a must. Your app is being used globally so this feature is a must have.

Mass Booking

Mass booking is a great feature to include. Allowing your customer to book a number of tickets from one account will make their experience a breeze. Also, you should consider letting companies and organizations have accounts where they can mass book for their employees and manage their flights. Considering to provide discounts on mass booking will ensure the satisfaction and loyalty of your customers.

Push Notifications

Promotional features like push notifications are always helpful to ensure the revisit of your customer. It is included in every other mobile or web app but in the case of flight booking apps it is useful in alerting customers about discounts, availability of their previous searches, etc.

Customer Support

A responsive helpful customer support system is the key for customer satisfaction. Concerning flight tickets booking, there is room for error. Confirmation, cancelation and delays are common concerns and problems customers face. Chatbot feature can be really helpful in this case. A 24*7 interface that sends automated replies based on known keywords is a lifesaver. Using such features will guarantee customer loyalty.

Loyalty programs and frequent flyer

Loyalty programs are always a great idea to build a positive relationship between the customer and your app. A frequent flyer badge can be a great idea to distinguish your top users. Offering exclusive discounts or flight upgrade are great options to win customers’ loyalty.

Reviews and feedback

Allowing customers’ reviews is helpful not only to promote your app but to give an insight for new customers. After making sure your customers’ experience was trouble free, asking them to give feedback is a great idea. Positive reviews and feedback about apps are the number one factor to attract new customers.

Social media integration

Social media integration is a hidden promotional tool. Allowing your customer is a convenient advanced feature to include. Not that it will only assure the flexibility of your customer’s experience, it may also attract their friends and family whom they share their flight information with to use your app.

Flights History

Allowing your customer to review their previous flights in their accounts is a user-friendly feature to include. Customers may use this feature to rebook previous trips