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Must Have Features In E-commerce Apps

There is no doubt that online shopping has been booming lately. Relatively, e-commerce apps and websites are more relevant. Tech companies are competing to develop better features in their e-commerce apps. Every e-commerce startup would need a relevant website or app that would make a customer’s experience easy and enjoyable. Your app should build customer loyalty and increase your sales. When it comes to your Android and iOS app development, you should rely on a software company that is well aware of customers’ needs.

There are different types of E-commerce apps models when it comes to software development but the most used are:

Business to consumer (B2C):

Business-to-consumer apps are the most popular ones where the contact between the supplier (business) and the consumer is direct.

Business to business (B2B):

Business-to-business apps do not include any contact with a customer. It’s used by businesses like retailers, manufacturers, and wholesalers.

Top features that should be in your e-commerce app:

  • Login and registration
  • Advanced search
  • Filtering and sorting
  • Detailed products description
  • Product gallery
  • Cart
  • Wishlist
  • Push notifications
  • Personalized recommendations
  • Checkout and Order summary
  • Payment methods
  • Orders and returns tracking
  • Loyalty and membership programs
  • Customer service access
  • Reviews and feedback

Login and registration

When it comes to mobile and web app development, an effortless registration process guarantees not losing your potential customer and it’s the best start for your UX/UI design and development process. Easy login and registration are always a great welcome when the customer first opens the app. This goal can be met by allowing the customer to use their e-mail address or social media accounts and a simple individual password to create an account. Also, enabling the customer to log in automatically when opening the app or saving their login info can make their experience much easier and more pleasant.

Advanced search

E-commerce apps and websites often include thousands of products that range in different categories. Having advanced search options will make the customer’s experience much easier when trying to find a certain product. Bar code scanning is also a great option to include so the customer would simply scan the code and reach their desired item. Some e-commerce app development features like autocomplete suggestions and search history are great options to feature in your app that help in giving an easier and more pleasant experience.

Filtering and Sorting

Implementing the Filtering and sorting features in an e-commerce app or website is essential. Regarding the huge range of products, the customer should effortlessly be able to find the category of the item they are seeking.

Detailed Products Description

Providing a detailed specific description of products is one of the most effective factors that will increase your sales. Detailed descriptions are so persuasive when it comes to online purchases. A customer always feels appealed to purchase an item when they know every detail about the item they are purchasing. Make sure to mention your products’ description regarding size, dimensions, material, usage, color, etc. Detailed descriptions also reduce the rates of products dissatisfaction and returns.

Product gallery

A product gallery is the first thing a customer sees when viewing a product. Images build the visual connection between the customer and the product. Product images will make your customer less hesitant to purchase the product because you made their online shopping experience similar to the one they have when they shop from your stores. Insert high-quality pictures and ones from different angels. Including images of the products being used can also be a great option to consider because it gives the opportunity for the customer to imagine how they would use the product.


The ‘add to cart feature is essential in every e-commerce app. The cart is the last step before the customer proceeds to checkout. It’s the place where they review their order and make their last decisions about their purchase. The cart page should be direct and informative, as it should have no distractions and contain all the information about the product such as the product name, color, price, and the number of products.


The wishlist feature is beneficial in every e-commerce app for the customer and the business altogether. A wishlist is regarded as a bookmark for products. Wishlists really help customers organize and plan their purchases. A customer can save the products that they are planning on purchasing later or compare between products. Notifying customers about offers and discounts on products that are in customers’ wishlists is an option that should be featured in every e-commerce app.

Push notifications

Push notifications can be the most effective factor to boost your sales. It’s found that push notifications are the main reason to return the customer to your app. informing the client about the availability of a new collection or discounts or offers concerning the items in their wishlist is always a great idea to attract your customer. They are found to be better than e-mails because the customer is just a click away which builds a better relationship between the customer and your app.

Personalized recommendations

Personalizing your customer’s experience is one of the smartest e-commerce that you should consider. Showing your customer products similar to what they are interested in or options like ‘often bought with’ will guarantee that your customer purchases more items. Additionally, it minimizes the probability of losing a customer, because of the recommended alternatives. Recommendations offered by apps present a big percentage of what customers view and purchase.

Checkout and Order Summary

Easy checkouts always guarantee customers’ satisfaction. It’s the page where they confirm their orders before proceeding to the payment and shipping stages. A brief order summary always prevents order returns and exchanges, saving time and effort.

Payment Methods

Simple, secure, and diverse payment methods are what every customer is looking for when shopping online. Developing your app to support multiple payment methods is a must; because limited payment options are the most important reason behind cart abandonment. Methods like cash on delivery, card options, and digital payment are always the go-to options. If you are targeting global customers, you might as well support multiple currencies.

Orders and Return Tracking

Enabling the costumer to track their orders or returns is a must. It builds better engagement with the customer. The shipping process should be seamless where the customer fills in their needed information for a safe shipping process. Returns are as important as building the transparency of your business.

Loyalty and membership programs

You have to give your customer a reason to revisit your app. Loyalty and membership programs are great features you can opt for. Rewarding your customer with points when shopping or offering them exclusive offers can guarantee your customer revisiting your app and the gain of new ones.

Customer Service Access

Customer service is a critical matter when it comes to online shopping. Customers are always frustrated when they cannot find the help they need, so it may lead to customer loss. Easy to reach and responsive customer service is a must-have in your e-commerce app as it will give your customer a sense of value. E-mail, phone or in-app chat are great options for your customers will appreciate.

Reviews and feedback

In our day reviews are the main driving force for sales. It should be an inevitable step in your web design.  Allowing your customers to review their products will give a sense of engagement and will help other customers to make decisions about their purchases. Allowing your customers to give feedback on your app is essential too. Positive feedback will attract new customers, and negative when will give you an idea about improvements, providing a more efficient agile development process.