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Mobile App or Website in Early Stages of a Startup?

We are now in an era where everything can be done by just one click on your phone. You can use different software solutions to do some work, buy stuff, rent a car or even watch a movie. Some businesses are actually the software itself. So now you are establishing your startup or company that is depends mainly on a mobile app or a web app.  Now the question is what to do first? A mobile app? A Mobile Responsive Website? Or maybe both? It all depends on your business objectives.

Here are some points to will help you decide what to start with.

The Business or Service Type

The service you are offering is a big factor that you must think about. Some services can be offered by a website such as ecommerce platforms for everyday grocery shopping or maybe some tools for managing tasks and projects, which can be used on web or mobile versions. But there are other services that making a web version of the app doesn’t make any sense for them such as Ridesharing apps for example or Delivery apps where users will most probably out in the street and do not have access to computers. So you need to decide what the best option for your business and offered service.

Application Use Rate   

Is your service is something that is used regularly or it’s not really often used? If you think that your app will have a high use rate so having a mobile app is a good idea. Everyone now needs to access their most used tools quickly and easily so a mobile app for your business will enable users to access it anytime and anywhere.

How Much Are You Going To Pay?

Building a mobile app can cost you a lot. So budget is an important factor to take into consideration. Some startups begin with a website or an MVP of their service so they won’t pay too much in the beginning especially when the project is in the market testing and feedback phase. Then after you build your users base you can develop the bigger comprehensive version of the app.

Offline Accessibility

One of the advantages of mobile apps is that they can be accessible anytime and in sometimes may work offline. On the other hand, you cannot use web apps without internet connection and web browser. So if the service you are offering needs to be accessible with no internet connection so a mobile app is a good idea.

Building Customer Base

For mobile responsive apps there’s one big advantage, which is that they are instantly available and can be easily found which in is a point of strength from the marketing and branding point of view. That will help you reach more customers and building your customer base easily. On the other hand in case of native mobile apps, you cannot reach your customers unless they download your app and the customer lifetime value is bigger after the customer downloads it. At that point you can have loyal customers.

Performance and Updates

From performance point of view, mobile apps can win it and in most cases the mobile design and user experience is much better than that of a mobile responsive website. Mobile website is much more dynamic than an app in to update content. If you want to change the design or content of a mobile website you simply publish the edits and the changes are immediately available for users. But in case of a mobile app users will need to install new updates to be able to use them.

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