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Coronavirus Outbreak: Impact on Software Development Industry

The current situation of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak is affecting different types of businesses and industries on many levels. Since there are still no vaccines to prevent the spread of coronavirus disease, the only prevention method that people have is to try not being exposed to the coronavirus outbreak. This could be achieved by maintaining social distancing, taking personal hygiene measures, and avoiding contact with the infected person.

And to assure social distancing, many businesses have allowed their employees to work from home so they decrease the chances of getting infected and keep their employee’s safe.

However, not all businesses and industries can leave their premises and make their employees work from their homes simply because their jobs cannot be done from home, so they had to just close their businesses for the meantime.

But for other industries like the Tech & Software industries, the situation is not as big issue as it is to other business sectors such as supply chain businesses and manufacturers. Software companies, IT Services and Internet companies are not really exposed to the effect of the lockdown happening in most of the world.

As most people are staying home, so their only way to communicate and keep their work done is through online tools and software solutions.

There is significant growth in demand on video conferencing platforms, remote desktop, digital signature tools as well as E-learning platforms which all help people working from home as well as students.  Also, the use of Telemedicine services and online shopping services has risen as well according to TrustRadius.


So it’s obvious that using more software tools has become a necessity in the current time which opens more opportunities to software developers to grow their tools and businesses to serve the current situation.

And although it’s a good opportunity for software developers, software enterprises should also consider providing assistance to other businesses and industries that a software solution would help them run their businesses to recover from this situation and regrow.  For now, make sure you stay safe till we are able to get our normal lives back soon.