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How much do you need to build an uber-like app?

It is a fact that a lot of app-based cab or ride-share companies have appeared across the world. Their popularity is going up with time. After all, they offer tailored or customized services that cater to the peoples’ demands of particular locations. As per some studies, the user penetration rate is rising. The experts have been estimated that half of the taxi rides would be booked through apps or online channels in the coming years.

A recently conducted report said that, in the year 2019, the global taxi app market witnessed revenue of around USD 302 billion. Even though the ongoing COVID-19 condition has greatly affected the entire world, the demand for cabs is still there. In fact, the experts have predicted that by the end of 2024, this market will cross the USD 365 billion mark with 17.5 percent of the Compound Annual Growth Rate. Currently, China is leading in this industry, with around 36 percent of user penetration.

On the other hand, Uber is keeping expanding its business and is taking multiple expansion steps. In 2018, this cab ride service provider served more than 75 million customers. But that doesn’t mean that the company is not unchallenged. Uber is facing huge competition in the market from different companies.

A more and more are now migrating towards cities; many transportation companies are now focusing more on developing a uber-like taxi mobile app. Mobile apps that offer self-driving scooters, cars, or bike taxis rentals have a great niche in the global transportation market. So, this is the right time to take advantage of this and go for taxi mobile app development to start your own business. But what about the cost? How to develop the best app? Well, keep reading and explore the answers.

Understanding how Uber works

If you are planning to hire a Software Company to build an Uber-like mobile app, then it will be better for you to understand how the app or service works.

  • A customer can book a ride using the app, either scheduled or instantly. Once booked, the drivers located in nearby areas will receive the cab booking requests.
  • The cab driver has the option to reject or accept the book. If one driver doesn’t take it, then another driver may accept the booking.
  • The customer can track the current location of the ride, and the app will show the estimated time of arrival of the car.
  • The advanced algorithms used in the app will calculate the cost, and the customers can pay online or in cash.

Always remember that developing a Uber-like app is not an easy task, and it can take time. You will have to include every detail in the blueprint of the app. Comprehensive details will help you to come up with the best features and pricing for the mobile app development.

How many apps would you need?

While developing a ridesharing app, you need to keep in mind that you will have to connect the passengers with the drivers and vice-versa. So, to keep it simple, you will need to create:

Driver app

Well, this app will be used by the drivers only who will accept the bookings, find matches, accept payments and share their locations. A driver app may include features like trip details, payment methods, real-time location, scheduled requests, and more.

Passenger App

This will be the app that the customers will use to book rides. This mobile app may come with features such as real-time rides updates, verified profiles, an easy-to-use payments portal, ride searching, and more.

Admin panel

Admin panel app is generally a web app that can be accessed using any browser. Remember that, without developing an admin panel, you can’t expect the success of your Uber-like carpooling app. Based on your requirements, you can customer the app with useful features, for example, analytics, reports, passenger or driver management, and more.

To create a perfect app that will be very easy to use for riders as well as drivers, you need to integrate functionalities and features that can benefit the users. So, let’s discuss those features in detail.

Must have features for a ridesharing app

The smooth functioning of any carpooling app will be based on the following important features. Have a look:


Most of the Uber-like apps utilize the following navigation and mapping technologies.

  • For navigating from the pick-up location to the drop point, the directions are given using Google Maps API for Android users, and for iOS users, there is Map Kit.
  • The apps utilize Google’s location APIs in Android devices and the Core Location frameworks in iOS devices for detecting the location.
  • In the case of Uber, it has added Google Maps on the app. But the company doesn’t depend on it completely. So, you need to consider the cost of such APIs or map software for your app.

The task of map integration can take 1 to 2 weeks, and the approximate cost will be USD 2,000. Besides, a developer may take 1 to 2 weeks to add a set pick-up location feature. For this, you may need to spend around USD 2000. On the other hand, you will have to add user location detection features. It would cost you approximately USD 2000 more.

SMS and push notification

After booking a ride, Uber generally notifies the users at multiple instances. For example:

  • If the booking is canceled
  • The current location of the driver
  • If the cab driver accepts the cab booking requests or not

SMS and notifications help the driver as well as riders track the current status in real-time. As per the information, Uber utilizes Twilio to send SMS. In the case of iOS users, it uses Apple Push Notification, and for Android users, it uses GCM- Google Cloud Messaging. So, you need to know the cost of such service providers.

Payment gateway integration

To prevent possible human errors, carpooling apps, such as Uber have integrated different payment options. For example, one can pay via wallets or cards. Some app also comes with pay later option. There are certain requirements that such companies need to fulfill to accept the payments. These are called PCI requirements.

In the United States of America, the “Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards” ensure payment-related activities. On the other hand, Uber works with Braintree for the same. Some cab service providers utilize Strip.  While developing an Uber-like mobile app with an Android app development company, you should clear the cost of such services.

Speaking about the approximate cost of developing payment features for your app will be based on the time taken for the process. For example, the entire process may take around 3 to 6 weeks, and for that, you may need to spend more than USD 5000.

Typical Features of a Taxi App

A mobile taxi app is a digital platform that allows users to access different types of services, more than just taxi booking. If you look at the Uber app, you will find that it combines all the important and useful state-of-the-art features. Here are some other useful features that you should add to your Uber-like app.

UI/UX design

You all know that the success of your app will depend on the user experience feature. You need to create stunning and easy-to-use UI/UX to impress your clients. When it comes to developing a brilliant design, it can have multiple aspects. But simplicity, minimalism, and clarity will stand out. 

The cost of this will greatly depend on what you want to create. If you design UI/UX for iOS users, it can take 3 to 6 weeks, and the cost would be around USD 6000 and more. On the other hand, you will have to spend the same amount while designing an Android app. So, the total cost can go up to USD 13,000 and more.

Booking a cab in advance

This is a feature that will be used the most. For that reason, you need to design it by keeping all the users in mind. Scheduling a ride is an exciting feature and quite handy. You need to keep it simple, and technology should be very complex as elders will also use the app.  It will help you in planning the trips perfectly. For more ideas, you can check the customer profile and their booking habits. It will be much better if the app can detect the current location of the users.

To add such a feature, the app developer can take around 3 to 6 weeks. The approximate cost would be around USD 6000.

Ride booking for someone else

Sometimes, a user may need to book a ride for others or family members. Such features can make them happy. And Uber app lets its users do that. Scheduling a trip for others is a great feature. However, you need to make sure that when one books the ride, his/her relative, friend or grandmother receives all the details about the ride. Both the drivers and customers will get the details through SMS. It can take 4 to 8 weeks to integrate such a feature into the app, and you may need to spend more than USD 8000.

Fare splitting feature

Another exciting feature that you should include is the fare splitting feature. Using this feature, customers can share the ride cost with their fellow riders. To develop such a feature, a software company may take 4 to 6 weeks, and it may cost you around USD 6000.

Driver destination feature

This feature is a useful feature for the driver can they can choose a location based on their preference and then find the users who are looking for a ride. The entire process of adding this feature in the app may take around 2 to 3 weeks, and the development cost can go up to USD 3000.

Apart from the features, you need to hire the best Software Company or tech stack team for agile development. You need to make sure they have years of experience in application development as well as software testing. Besides, the team or company you are hiring should have expertise in the latest technologies, for example:

  • Node.js
  • Kotlin for Android and Swift for iOS
  • Amazon S3
  • PayPal or Stripe
  • Google Maps, Directions and Places
  • Facebook SDK and more

Now talking about the team, it will probably include business analysis, UI/UX designer, project manager, back-end developer, iOS or Android engineer, back-end developer, and more. Here the cost will vary based on the experience of the experts and the size of the team.

Stages of the app development process

Hiring a company to develop the app.

You need to research, analyze and choose a Software Company that can develop a ridesharing mobile app for you. You can also sign a contract with the company.

Product discovery stage

Here you need to understand what you want to develop and who will use it. Besides, understand the goals and features that you want to add.

UI/UX app design

It involves developing suitable clickable wireframes, understanding the User Journey Map, motion design, visual interfaces, and more.

Project setup

This is about the last preparations of the mobile app developmentIt may include setting up the environment, utilizing best practices, analyzing different factors to make the project smoother and faster.

Uber-like app development

This is the important stage in the process. App production will begin with integration, code, test, build, and more. The team will test the quality by carrying out automated as well as manual tests.

Publishing the app on Apple Store and Google Play Store

App releasing covers getting required permissions, beta testing, product optimization, and all for your ridesharing app approval. Having a robust preparation plan will help you in this.

App’s post-development stage

It includes detecting crashes, monitoring statistics of the app, doing product enhancement, and more. You need to make sure that your app always looks attractive and is ready to operate with the changing conditions.

Final words

Developing a ridesharing app like Uber is a time-taking and costly project. For every startup, it can be a little expensive as they will have to add all the necessary features. However, you can take the help of an expert like Enozom Software to know which features will work great and develop an app under your budget. Just follow the best practices, and you can come up with a perfect Uber-like app that can work flawlessly.