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How to Hire the Best Software Development Company

Any startup or company who wish to expand their business will inevitably opt for the online world. Software development is the most rapidly growing field. The options of freelancers, software development companies and freelancing companies are unlimited. The choice between them is often confusing to anyone who is willing to develop a mobile or web app. Here’s a simple detailed guide to how make your journey of searching for a software development company much easier and efficient.

Before searching for the most suitable company for your app idea, knowing types of different developers is a must.

Developers lie under three categories:

  • Front-end developers
  • Back-end developers
  • Full-stack developers

Front-end developers

These developers’ work is concerned with the users’ experience. They design and change the panels that users use and the layout of the mobile or web app. They cooperate with UX/UI designers on the pages that users see the most efficient and easy to use. These developers use: HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and others.

Back-end developers

These developers do most of the work. They are responsible for the structure of the app. They are responsible of creating brand-new databases or integrate with existing ones. They can solve technical issues or improve the speed of the app. This is the side that the users don’t see yet it’s the most important one, like the pillar of the app. These developers use: PHP, Python, Ruby, Java and others

Full-stack developers

Full-stack developers do the work of both front and back-end developers. They are experienced with developing both the user and server side of the app. They always seem like a great choice for any startup that has an idea for an app. Full-stack developers also give you a budget and time privilege.

After being fully aware of the different types of developers, you have to know the factors you should consider when choosing between them thus choosing the most suitable company for your project.

First: The business plan

          You have to acknowledge your business plan. If you are willing to develop an app from scratch or add more advanced features in your already existing app. Building an app from scratch is common between startups. In this case, an experienced software development company is the best choice. On the other hand, If you already have an app but want to add more advanced features or fix any technical issues then you should opt for a company that is more up-to-date with new technologies. Also, you have to acknowledge whether you are opting for ios or android app development or both.

Second: The Scope of your Project

                Before deciding which tech company will suit your requirements best, you have to know the size and goal of your app. Software development is a broad field and apps always vary in their sizes and features. First, we have simple projects, their interface is not complex whatsoever, they have very simple features and are always very simple apps e.g calculator, alarm. Second, there are moderate ones, they have several interfaces and may integrate with third party services e.g gaming apps. Finally, complex ones they deal with really advanced technology. They may also integrate with cloud hosting servers an other services e.g social media and video sharing apps.

Third: Budget

           When it comes to developing an app, budget is one of the most crucial factors. You have to set the budget for your project. This budget is going to decide everything about your app, its features, web design and many other crucial factors about your app. Being honest about your true budget will help a lot when looking for a software development company.

Finally: Schedule

            Setting a realistic efficient time schedule is going to save you a lot of effort. You have to set a realistic expectation of when you are expecting your project to be finished. By doing this, you are going to narrow your choices as you will be obliged to choose a company that is able to stick to your time schedule.

What to Consider concerning the Company

1. Experience

    The companies’ experience is the first and most important thing to consider. Checking that they have good experience with different apps like B2B and C2C apps. It’s an advantage if the company has experience with the same niche as yours. If they did similar apps to yours, this is a plus as they are aware of the latest technology trends and what are users looking for in such apps. Also, experience assures that the company will avoid as much errors as possible and be aware of the latest technologies.

2. Company’s Website

   A software development company’s website is the best skills’ presentation that can ever be. From their website you can see yourself their design aesthetic and the features that they include. How they organize and present their website can give you a great idea on how professional that company is. If a company takes the time to well develop their own website, then they will give the same thought and dedication to your project.

3. Clients’ References

    Thanks to reviews, you are able to know how good a company is. By checking the clients who have dealt with this company’s reviews you can know what problems they may have faced or how professional this company is. You can also ask to see the apps they’ve already developed. Also, checking if this company does analytics after the app is presented to the people can be really fundamental for your experience.

4. Communication

     Communication is always key to the success of any project. Having good communication with the company is going to make your experience much more pleasant. Good communication is going to ensure that the company understands your requirements and have the same visions as yours. Also, replies for e-mails and respond for any modification is a must. This will assure that your app will turn out the way you envisioned it.

5. Technologies and ideas

    Getting to know what technologies the company uses is a fundamental thing to know. You have to make sure that the company’s technologies and agile development are going to meet your requirements. Also, the more advanced features the company has to offer the more your app is going to spread. Also, the company fully understanding your ideas and what you are trying to present in your app is an insurance for the success of your project.

6. Schedule

    As mentioned before, the companies’ schedule is what seals the deal. You have to discuss the time plan you are going to follow so that your project won’t be rushed and yet delivered on a time that suits you both. Of course, the company you are dealing with has to be known for its punctuality and ability to meet deadlines.

7. Copyrights

    You have to be clear of your rights when starting to deal with a Software Development Company company. You have to make sure that nothing is taken or copied from your app without your consent. Signing a contract with the company that states you holding the full copyrights of your web or mobile app is a great option to ensure your rights.