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How to avoid SAAS support problems

There need not be any kind of exception when it comes to customer support, which is a sink or swim position for every business.

There would always be someone who would be in need of help with the plain and simplicity of your product and services. You mainly sink when you cannot be present on time as it would help you effectively. And here you are sinking along with your entire software company.

Customer support at all times has allowed your customers to get the proper interactions with you directly, and if not for the sales process starting at the initial phase. It is an excellent way worse instead of having a badly planned product here if you are failing to impress any here.

The customers would be able to resolve their product-related issues through customer support as they will not be able to solve their problems related to customer support anywhere. It is the reason why you have to excel at the part of offering customer support in your business.

SaaS and Customer Support

One of the vital parts for SaaS businesses or related ones like the mobile app development is customer support.

When there are about 90% of the customers mention that customer support is vital to winning over the loyalty of your brand as it is something that is hard to overlook in terms of customer support.

Let us ensure that all the related terms sit right within our heads before diving in more profound here.

Common Elements of Good Customer Support

You will have one single focus on customer satisfaction as you are stripping off every fancy concept here that surrounds customer support.

Satisfying the needs of customers is not something that is easy, but it would be enough to witness the things that would be helping them. In customer support, there are three things, basically the speed, accessibility as well as effectiveness.


It is vital that you are making sure that your customers are reaching out to you easily irrespective of the manner in which your business is approaching here or the kind of product.

Making sure that you have a visible button for customer support sooner while your visitors are entering your website is a simple step that you can take, considering the accessibility. A chatbot is the one you should go ahead with and it can be developed with the help of the tech companies.

2- Speed

You just have to deliver when about 90% of the customers are stating the importance of an immediate response. Immediate here means within 10 minutes or less than that, according to the researches.

We are mostly paying a few inexpensive numbers for the individual purchases of SaaS, but for the businesses for UI/UX design and development, the price here for a single tool would be reaching about 100 dollars for the start-ups as well.

It is, however, essential for us to keep in mind that not every company is offering round-the-clock live supports even the expansive companies would not. It is, however, vital to aid customers in finding out the solutions on their own prior to the requirement for immediate help while being the representative of the customer support.

3- Effectiveness

The importance of speed is known by all, and about 95% of the customers are thinking about the effectiveness of the support that is much more vital than the speed itself.

The reasons being:

  • Lack of proper knowledge of the customer support representative
  • Customers who are not able to detect the real issue and ask the good questions
  • Not bagging in the right set of tools for accessing, viewing, and looking at the customer experiences.

It is the responsibility of the customer support representatives in terms of offering practical support irrespective of anything. It, therefore, boils down to hiring the right set of members. You can surely raise a team of good representatives once you get hold of the right candidate.

Offering the best customer support

  1. Gaining knowledge on the benefits of live chat

There were studies made that stated, only 31% of the customers would prefer customer support through phone calls, while 0% prefers the option of chat and the rest through social media as well as emails.

It is this piece of data that can bring a shock for many when people know how customer support has been dominated through phone calls in recent years.

We can now predict things that are going on here even while understanding that the Millenials here have been joining over the workforces.

The new generations would be transforming the traditions along with the dominance of the call centers that would not be an exception here is something that is clearly visible. All you need to get started is a live chat option.

  1.  Equip your support team with the right set of tools

There are several kinds of tools for customer support that would be required by the businesses ranging from chat tools to knowledge-based software development.

You can possibly get a hold off from the lack of the right tools while your product is not software here, but with SaaS, it is something that is quite impossible to have is the thing that is worth mentioning about the SaaS customer supports.

Transforming every session into an opportunity

It is much likely that you will have received an offer on the upgrades in speaking with a customer support representative at least once in your lifetime. It is a highly natural way to get hold of a great deal while you are having an issue as they would like to get compensated in keeping your loyalty even though you are facing problems of the product here irrespective of the products and the services.

Summing up

It is a much-noted fact that the customer support for SaaS is nothing much different from any other support center in any software company. The primary concern here is customer satisfaction which is similar to the PaaS support center. You can thoroughly apply these tips mentioned here once you are ensuring that you are delivering fast, accessible as well as and effective customer support.