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Factors To Consider In The Build vs Buy a Software Decision

Using a software to manage your business is now of any business essentials, sometimes it’s the business itself. But to buy a pre-built software solution or to build it from scratch? Here we will give you a little help to answer this question.  

How Unique Are Your Requirements?

When of the main factors to think about is what the functionalities you need for your business are and how unique they are. If you cannot find what you need in existing software solutions so you will need to have your custom software solution. Building your own custom software solution enables you to include all the functionalities you need the exact way you need them to be. It gives you total control over the development process so you can add any features you need and fits your business and challenges. It also allows you to add more features as your business grows and your needs increase. You can start with an MVP or a prototype and grow the software as your revenue grows.

But if what you need is just the basic features and there are no plans to make customizations in the future, so you do not need to develop custom software and it’s better to get a readymade system to use for your business.

How Much Are You Willing To Pay?

One thing to know about building a custom software that it is money consuming. Custom software as any customized thing, will cost more than a pre-built system. Although pre-built solutions are more reasonable for companies with limited budgets, it’s needed to be put into consideration that they can be not really economically feasible on the long run as sometimes you cannot make customizations that you need for your business, which may negatively affect your revenue and growth. So you need to think about the current and probable future state of your business to decide.

How Much Time Do You Have?

Time is a one important factor to consider. Building a custom software takes a big deal of time. So you need to know is it critical or can you wait for a software to be developed. Using a pre-built solution is much more timesaving and you can start using it in a matter of days. In either cases you will also need some time for your team to be trained to use the new system, but of course it’s much faster in case of pre-built solution.


Once you got your software solution either custom or pre-built, it’s not over. You need to keep maintaining the system. For pre-built solutions maintenance can be a point of strength as the system will be already used and tried before and most of the issues and bugs are fixed. In custom software it’s still a new system that is in a trial and getting feedback period and it may take more time for the system to be completely stable. However it all depends on the developers’ skills, experience and work quality which of course you need to put into consideration in either options.

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