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Education Sector Transformation by Custom Software Development

Despite that schools are preparing and equipping children to the future, let’s face it, the education sector especially public-school systems are not the earliest to adopt new technologies in teaching. However, the education sector has changed a lot of thanks to custom software development.

Also the digital transformation trends have changed universities management and teaching techniques as well. Using University Management Systems or College Management Systems, has facilitated lots of universities’ operation and teaching processes.

Let’s not forget the free learning online courses platforms that provide thousands of courses in many topics presented by many experts all over the world.

Here we will take a closer look on the impact of the custom software development and digital transformation on the educational sector.

ERP Education Systems

Educational ERP Software or University Management System or School Management System, comes with different names based on the education level, has several modules to handle different operations and processes throughout the student lifecycle starting from the admission to courses completion and graduation. It can have different functionalities to be customized for different institutes and schools types and handles requirements of different departments, it also can handle assignments, online exams and exams correction, as well as publishing exams results.

Virtual Classrooms 

Virtual classroom platforms have helped a lot of students who are located in different places of that of the school or university premises. In such similar situations of Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak that made all schools and universities close, virtual classroom platforms made it easy for students and teachers to continue their lessons and syllabus. Similar tools can have features of video conferencing, creating polls and questions that can be answered by the students during the lesson, managing assignments as well as other presentation functionalities.

Online courses platforms

Many people are now depending on online courses platforms to learn different topics. One can enroll in a master program and get a degree in Data Science, get an MBA, learn a new language or even learn how to play the guitar!

Online courses platforms have removed many barriers between learners and instructors. Internet users all over the world can find millions of free and paid online courses, presented either by an individual instructor or a world class university that gives a verified degree to its students. So why to go to a training center to learn a new skill when you can do this at home!

Language Learning Apps

Mobile apps are occupying a big space of our day. One of the most used category of mobile apps is the language learning mobile apps. You can find many free mobile apps that contain free content of different languages exercises and tests for every level. Learning a new language is now easier than ever.

That’s how Custom Software Development has strongly transformed the educational sector. Here at Enozom, we provide custom web & mobile development that facilitates operating your educational process. Contact us now and get your free consultancy!