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8 Benefits of Mobile App Development

Sorts of communication through the ages have been in continuous development starting from the telegraph and all the way to our everyday smartphone. Phones in general were the best invention ever made by humans because they made communication easier than having to send emails and wait for a response. Smartphones are the latest sort of communication invented and used nearly by half of the earth’s population. They made communicating with each other easier in numerous ways such as chatting, calling, and even video chatting became a thing. Smartphones didn’t stop at this, but also a mobile app development and web app development became popular among individuals and organizations.

Mobile vs web development

Mobiles and the internet are the best technologies invented in the 21st century and are in constant evolution as time passes. Everything has pros and cons, nothing is flawless, and this applies to mobiles and the internet. Web apps are accessed through a web browser and need an active internet connection. This is a big disadvantage because they can’t be reached at any time. On the other hand, mobile apps don’t always need an internet connection.

Mobile apps are based in the smartphone itself and have access to the phone’s hardware. Although web apps are easier to develop, but mobile apps gain more attention in any business. And the reason for this is that smartphones became an essential gadget in humans’ life and can’t be dispensed of. When developing a mobile app, different operating systems must be considered, so an iOS app and android app must be developed by the software company.

iOS development and android development are different so different UI design is present for users of the same app but are on different operating systems.

Now we are going to talk about the benefits of mobile apps for companies.

1.     Making it virtual

In this modern age everything became accessible on our smartphones. So, making a mobile app or a web app for the business makes it easier for the customer to have a look at the products or the service.

2.     Saving time

Mobile apps save time for both the customer and the company. The customers can find what they are looking for in a couple of minutes with no effort. Instead of visiting the company’s headquarters, the customer can open the app and choose the product that is wanted, or the service needed in a matter of minutes.

3.     Big step of advertisement

Advertisement is important for any business because it is the main source that brings the customers to ask for the services and products of this business. Developing a mobile app is a big step in advertisement for any business, it makes this business known among other competitors. Designing a good and easy UI design for the app is also important to make the experience enjoyable for the customers and easier.

4.     Easier purchase

When a mobile app for the company is available for the customer, this makes it possible for the purchase to be completed virtually using a visa or debit card which is completed securely and safely. This method is a time saver and an effort conserver for both the company and the customer. The best user experience must be reached by making it easier for the customer to make a purchase from home.

5.     Push notifications

Mobile apps are a great method to always notify the customers of any changes or any new services or new products available by sending a notification on their smartphone. When push notifications are sent, they are the first thing to appear when unlocking the phone and they have an opening rate about fifty percent higher than that of email marketing.

6.     Customer loyalty

One of the most important benefits of a mobile app is having a strong and loyal relationship with the customers. Loyalty programs are a great option, with loyalty points customers can get explosive discounts or exchange their points for rewards. Customers can keep track of their loyalty points from the app. This will guarantee the revisiting of the customer to your app.

7.     Better customer service

As we all know nothing is free of error, so sometimes there might be a problem that faces the customer. And a solution is needed as soon as possible. A mobile app offers faster and better communication methods between the customer and your company. And saves up time and effort for both the customer and the employees at the company. The most common thing that customers complain about is the customer service and the long waiting time to get in touch with an employee to get their problem solved. A mobile app also contains a section for the most commonly asked questions and problems. That face the customers so that if these problems face a customer, he/she can help themselves. This is a great way to help the customers and make them as comfortable as possible. On the other hand, this method reduces the pressure on the employees   

8.     Feedback and reviews           

The priority for any company is the customers’ satisfaction, so customers’ reviews and feedback are very important. Mobile apps make it possible to let the customers review the service or product they received. Every now and then the customer can be given a survey to fill out about what they liked and disliked. Or services from their homes. This makes it easier to know the customers’ demands and always upgrade the products and services. So that at the next purchase the customer is satisfied. Star feedback about the mobile app from the customer can also help in upgrading the mobile app to give the best UX design.