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5 predictions about the future of software development

There is no doubt that today, the whole world is surrounded by different types of software programs. In fact, as per different studies, around 4.80 billion people across the world are using the internet. Well, this is about 61 percent of the total population in the world. But the number is growing at a higher rate. Looking at that matter, companies are now also focusing on software development. Why? As the world has become tech-savvy, without the use of the latest software or technology, no business is going to be able to survive. A well-developed software program can have a great impact on the success of a business.

What do you mean by software development?

In Simple words, software development is a process where a software company creates and maintains frameworks and applications that can help a business in increasing its productivity. Software programs can be customized to suit the unique requirements of the business. It can make the tasks for the company as well as employees a lot easier.

The software development process has changed a lot in the last 5 years. In fact, today, each company is a software company. Besides, it has been predicted that the coming years will witness a massive change.

Now you might be wondering, what will happen in the field of software development in the coming years?  Well, to understand this, have a look at some predictions made by industries experts on software development.

What will be the future of software development?

The experts have said that the future of software development is happening, and within a few years, it will be all over the world. The software development’s future is laying on the latest trends that are being adopted by the developers. Before diving deep into the predictions, it will be better for you to have a look at the trends.

Software development is important for every business

Without proper software, you can’t think about a successful business. Every business needs mobile apps and robust online platforms as they can greatly impact how a customer reaches you and purchases a product. Here are some important benefits that you can enjoy with perfect software development.

  • It can increase the services and sales. The way the customers see your business is crucial for you. Do you want to offer them an easy way to buy your products and services?  Then you can’t forget the importance of web app development. It will make the entire process easier for them.
  • Software development can take your business to a new level of integration. You can make your business easily accessible from anywhere using a laptop or smartphone.
  • This will make it easier to implement effective marketing plans on the go. You can promote your products and services without worrying about the extra expenses. Besides, your customers will be able to access the ads from anywhere.
  • It facilitates better customer engagement and direct communication.

So, you need to focus more on it and follow the latest trends for software development to enjoy the maximum benefits.

Current software development trends

There are various trends being adopted today that will effectively drive the software development future. However, in terms of adoption, that will vary from one Software company to another.

The trends that the innovators are adopting

  • Blockchain- This is a list of records linked with secured cryptography.
  • Deep learning- It is a part of machine learning and is developed using multiple artificial neural networks.
  • AI- The advanced machine intelligence that has become a part of agile development as well as eCommerce solutions.

The trends that the early adopters are choosing

  • Reactive programming- This software development plan is designed and developed around various asynchronous data streams.
  • GraphQL- This is a widely used data manipulation and query language and is completely open-source.
  • Lambda or serverless- This helps in developing various serverless applications. One of the popular programs is AWS Lambda.

Some other trends are:

  • API design- This is a process of creating APIs that can effectively expose the application functionality and backend data to be used while developing new software programs.
  • Immutable infrastructure- Using different solutions, for example, Infrastructure as Code one can manage software and service deployments.
  • Microservices- This is a method to divide the applications into different services.

These trends have greatly influenced the future of software development. Besides, they have enabled a software company to witness the future. For now, the major question is what will happen in the coming years in the field of software development? Let’s discuss about this in detail.

Top 5 predictions in the software development

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence will expand.

As per the experts, almost all the tech companies are now deploying AI and ML in the programming and software development process. With time, they will become more ubiquitous. Currently, ML and AI tools are evolving at a higher rate. The primary reason behind this is, these solutions have become quite crucial for the agile development process. When it comes to developing a successful program, a developer can always trust these solutions.

As per research by McKinsey, AI is used widely to handle multiple service operations and for developing new products. Some common use examples include AI-enabled sales analytics programs, dynamic and targeted social media campaigns, chatbots, and more. While businesses agree that there is a general rule for success, all the companies will focus on particular use cases in order to unlock the maximum potential of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

With time, the advanced AI applications and software programs will become more affordable as well as simple to use. As a result, companies will rely on different niche-specific custom software and applications to get data that will make them more competitive.

Apart from making sure that the AI tools are capable of analyzing insights, you will have to focus on advanced AI engineering. As per the experts, AI is important for a successful digital transformation. Businesses are now greatly depending on more intelligent solutions that augment and automate decision-making tasks. For now, the major problem is that businesses are dealing with different challenges. For example, developing robust governance, creating reliable solutions, communicating insights, and more.  

AI is now getting embedded into the software development and DevOps process. This will simplify and faster the software testing and development.

Quantum Computing

Richard Feynmann, a well-known Noble Laureate physicist, in the year 1982 published a paper named “Simulating Physics with Computers,” and after that, quantum computing took place. In general, different from traditional computers, quantum computing utilizes quantum mechanical phenomena, for example, quantum entanglement and superposition, to carry out computing.  The advanced quantum computers are very intelligent and can solve millions of instructions at the same time and faster.

However, in the last few years, quantum computing has gone through a major revolution. For example, in the year 2019, Google informed that it had developed 54 Qubit Sycamore Quantum Computer.  After that, another company, Honeywell, informed that using the Quantum Volume 64 metric, it had developed a powerful quantum computer.

However, for now, it can be said that quantum computing has multiple challenges.  For example, the QPU’s temperature level should be low, and the quantum decoherence makes the computers generate errors. But in the coming years, quantum computing in software development will emerge as the hottest topic, and tech leaders will try to achieve Quantum Supremacy.

It has been predicted that during the 2030s, this will be very advanced, and the developers will utilize quantum computing in real-world cases. For example, to develop robust virtual classroom software programs, weather forecasting, drug development, traffic optimization, physic simulation, and more. Besides, it will function as catalysts in the field of ML and AI.

Some experts have suggested that after a few years, quantum computing can threaten traditional cryptography and other fields such as blockchain, financial transactions, and more. Quantum Cryptography will replace classic cryptography.

No Code or Low Code

It is a fact that software developers are considered as a scarce resource. If you are running a business and have a unique idea in your mind, then you will have to hire a professional software developer to create your first product. Even though you have a software company, without the developers, you can’t develop an MVP. On the other hand, you need to wait for days or months to use the product.

So, to eliminate such a situation, the experts are now focusing more on the LCNC- Low Code No Code approach for software development. In fact, this will lower the obstacles to your software development. There are many popular LCNC applications using which you can develop a product without hiring an expert.  You can even carry out iOS app developmentwith LCNC. You can also find multiple LCNC platforms for ML and AI.

For now, most of the LCNC platforms need time to develop industry-grade and flexible applications. In the coming years, LCNC platforms or programs will evolve at a great speed. During the 2030s, you will be able to see various LCNC platforms that you can use to develop powerful software. The experts have predicted that business executives and entrepreneurs will develop around 90 percent of the total applications using such platforms. On the other hand, you will also see some LCNC platforms equipped with advanced technologies. Those platforms will greatly help software engineers in mobile app development.

There will be a massive rise of new and advanced programming languages.

Earlier, software developers used to think that they don’t need to learn a language to develop software. There were multiple programming languages, like Java for developing a business application, C++ for programming, Python or Ruby for scripting, and JavaScript or PHP for Web app development.

However, with time, the industry has witnessed multiple breakthroughs and innovations in the field of programming language. For example, the great success of Rust shows that with a unique feature or idea, a new programming language can easily defeat the old and widely-used programming languages. On the other hand, Go, which is a new open-source programing language, shows that it is now possible to create powerful yet easy-to-use programming languages. Kotlin, Elm, Elixir, TypeScript, and Dart are some popular newly developed programming languages that are quite famous among software developers around the world.

However, in the coming years, the world will witness some unique innovation in the field of programing language. Besides, the languages that were developed earlier will also become popular, and other languages will hit the field.  During the 2030s, the global market share for the programing language will be very fragmented. In fact, some experts have suggested that Rust can replace the C++ programing language, and Julia may replace Python. With the innovative tools and AI-powered software development, the new languages will change the current software development process.

There will be multiple newly developed cloud-native languages that will become mainstream in the coming years. You may even see advanced programming languages developed only to be used for Quantum Computing.

Hyper automation

As per the experts, another major thing in the field of software development will be hyper-automation. It suggests some ideas or processes that can be automated in order to get better results. Well, this is something that is being greatly driven by the companies that are currently facing issues with legacy patchwork solutions and processes. The legacy process can lead to inefficiencies as well as unnecessary expenses. As companies are ramping up their investment in the field of automation, they will have to develop an agile method to witness the maximum potential.

Some experts say agile is a paradigm different from the actual methodology. Software development can take time, but by automating some of the processes, such as software testing, you will enjoy greater profits.

These are some of the predictions that would happen in the field of software development. If you want to keep up with the changing market, then you will have to consider these very seriously. Remember that embracing changes and speed is the way to move ahead. So, if you are in search of a software company that provides software development services, then Enozom Software can be your best bet. Check out their website for more details.