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5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Mobile App Testing Efforts

Any software program should consistently get the maximum focus on ultimate efficiency. Smartphone app testing is very basic in a real sense. There will be absolutely no such thing as a gray area. There is no turning point, it is simply passing or failing for the creator. This is particularly apparent for smartphones because users demand considerably more from the apps that run on their gadgets.

Many studies have been conducted to determine the fundamental reasons for software startup difficulties. Insufficient quality assurance throughout the software development phase was discovered to be amongst the primary causes of these kinds of mishaps. To make this process easier, in this article, we have put together 5 easy ways to improve your mobile app testing efforts.

Create a Test Plan and Strategy

An outline that projects what, when, and how a product will be tested, along with who will conduct the testing procedures is basically a testing plan. It also specifies the extent and actions of the assessment. It also describes the purpose of the assessment and assists in safety management. A test plan developed by a skilled employee, such as a supervisor or a quality assurance director, is always an impressive approach. It is an excellent way to improve your mobile app testing efforts. On the other hand, a test strategy is a particularly precise product-level guideline. It is typically developed by a project manager or a business analyst to outline the software testing techniques that will be utilized to meet the specific goals. The company or business requirements influence a test strategy. 

To keep the team’s testing period under check, an effective test plan and strategy must incorporate a timetable for every essential testing task. It must explicitly clarify each team member’s responsibilities to ensure everybody understands what is expected of them. There is no uniform method for establishing a test plan since it is dependent on the business’s procedures, requirements, and test monitoring systems.

Selecting the Gadget

The most important factor while initiating mobile app testing efforts is deciding how to test the program. This major testing technique might be tough to choose because it connects straight to the app’s audience and range. There are two options for gadget shortlisting: picking the device model or deciding among substantial gadgets and emulators. These variables must be taken into account while choosing a gadget: operating system versions, screen resolution, and form factors.

Start with operating system versions. The mobile app should be tested on every existing operating system release. Then choose a diverse range of distinctive screens to check resolution and size. Finally, analyze the app’s functionality on tablets and mobile devices, as well as the application’s form factors. Some additional aspects, like connectivity options, memory capacity, and so forth, must be considered when choosing a device type.

Join Testing Communities

Being a member of the developing and testing community is among the simplest approaches to catch up with the freshest innovations and emerging technologies. The Ministry of Testing Community is a dynamic, engaged, and thriving testing community for each tester. The members communicate through Slack. Testers from all across the globe exchange their experience mostly regarding mobile app testing. But the door is always open to numerous other topics.  Aside from the internet forum, several software testing conferences can help you to acquire knowledge from fellow testers by attending presentations or hands-on training sessions. Throughout these events, a great deal of information is generally shared, and you have the opportunity to interact with the presenters later.

Keep in Mind Various Network Options

The way desktops and smartphones connect to the internet are among the most noticeable distinctions. Smartphones and tablets frequently switch between multiple wireless networks such as Wi-Fi, while desktops may easily access the internet through an ethernet connection when necessary. Also, there is still the concern of slower and untrustworthy wireless networks than wired networks, even after significant advancements in Wi-Fi technology throughout the mid-90s. The unpredictable nature of cellular networks can make problems for certain apps, particularly those requiring low latency, vibration, or packet loss. Lacking a reliable internet connection, sometimes less data-consuming apps might turn practically worthless. This is the reason IoT testing is a way to improve your mobile app testing efforts and is necessary to determine how the app will perform in the absence of consistent, dependable internet access. 

Practice Run

Learning about mobile testing through professional training and research is a way to improve. But, performing tests on actual gadgets is the most efficient and practical method to know about the latest technologies. In such circumstances, Enozom encourages you to download and use a variety of apps on your smartphone. Examine the user interface to see whether it varies in separate circumstances and when you use the apps. For example, if any app acts abnormally depending on the speed of the phone internet. In addition,¬†Enozom¬†propose turning off the device’s scheduled app update. Check the review comments section before downloading the newest update of the app to check whether the developer team gives any details regarding bug fixes. If this data is available, proceed to replicate the bug within the app, jotting down the processes and attempting to comprehend the core issue. This activity can assist you in coming up with fresh testing strategies and learning from the errors of everyone else.


Smartphone app testing has evolved significantly throughout the past decade, thanks to significant advancements in the structure, efficiency, and software ecosystems involved with phones, tablets, and other smart gadgets. The smartphone app market is extremely intense, and behemoths like Facebook and different messaging platforms are gradually dominating it. Being a component of an innovative ecosystem, standing out needs a clever strategy to testing that detects faulty patterns speedily and facilitates quick creation phases. We hope the above-mentioned ways will improve your mobile app testing efforts.