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4 Reasons Why Software Testing Is Important

Software testing is simply the process of investigation done to a software to provide stakeholders with status and information about the quality of the software product or service under test. Testing techniques include the process of executing a program or an application with the intent of finding software bugs, errors or other defects, and verifying that the software product is free of errors and ready to be used.

The software quality engineers are responsible for reducing the probability of bugs occurring during development and also identifying any errors that come up during the development and fixing them. It is essential for creating high quality software products that are bug free.

Bugs can be of small impact, but also they can be fatal! It’s necessary because simply everybody makes mistakes. Skipping the testing process of a software product may cause it and the business to suffer, ending up as a useless tool with a loss of effort, time and money. So here are some key points why software testing is important to your product.

Ensuring Product Quality

In order to make your product come to life, it has to be done as planned. Following product requirements is essential, to an extent, because it helps you get the required end results. So testing processes are designed to ensure that the software product’s reliably and stability. There are different software testing procedures designed to test the functionality, performance, security, usability, and much more to ensure that the final product has minimal defects and is ready to work as planned.

Saving Time & Money

Testing has many benefits and one of the most important ones is cost saving. The advantage of having clear processes in place during development phase is that they prevent most bugs and errors from happening in the first place. So the errors that do occur are relatively minor, and can be fixed easily. However, without testing most bugs can be bigger and may appear after the product is released and fixing it at this phase will take time and will cost a lot in turn. That’s why testing can save you a lot on the long term.


An important point to take into consideration is security. This is probably the most sensitive and most vulnerable part of the whole development process. There have been many cases of users’ information were hacked and stolen by hackers to be used for their benefits, that’s why your product must be secure and trusted s you won’t lose your customer base and your product’s reputation. Users always want to use a product they trust and be confident when providing them with their personal information that must be private as possible, especially for banking and payments services for example.

Users Satisfaction

The main goal of a product or service provider is to give their customers the best customer experience yet satisfaction. You need to keep your customers happy and loyal to your app, however, errors and bugs can make you lose your customer base. In order to ensure satisfied customers, your product needs to fulfil their needs. It should have all the features required working properly as expected. Software quality engineers would define the features and test each and every step taken in the app to ensure that the whole user flow is working properly as expected. When your users have satisfying customer experience they will certainly tell their friends and word to mouth will increase your customer base with no effort, but be careful, this works both ways.

So, it’s now obvious that Software testing is a really important step in developing your product. We at Enozom provide high quality custom Web Development & Mobile Development with careful testing process done to deliver defects free products. Contact us now and hire your testing team!