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2021 UI/UX Trends for Fintech apps

Every year we need to spot the most trending designs for the past year. We noticed the following trends in UI/UX trends in web and mobile apps.

Only with a better user experience can you witness the growth. A user-friendly and delightful financial service design is the best way to make the customers fall in love with the fintech web app., so having a great user experience UX/UX trends for these apps is a key factor for the success of the app. This article will show you the latest trends for fintech apps.

  • Neumorphism
  • Animation
  • Abstract & geometric art
  • Using Shadows & Layers
  • Vector Arts
  • Charts


The term “Neumorphism” or “new skeumorphism” is simply taken flat icons and buttons and gives them improved 3D-like graphics, Icons, and buttons have become extremely simplistic in the past years. some of the following designs show how these designs used the concept of Neumophism to make the designs more interesting and attractive.


by HYPE4


Making apps interesting for users is a key factor of success for your fintech application, specially that in most cases the fintech apps are making some operations that take a while in executing it, so the best way to do that is to make some animations.

Designed by Azie Melasari

by Etheric

Abstract & geometric art


by Vladimir Gruev


by Rhasyab

Using Shadows & Layers

One of the most trending styles is using shadows and colored layers, specially in backgrounds with using different degrees of the same colors.


by Tosan Garditama


Vector Arts

Using vector art characters are not commonly used in fintech applications, but we can find it in some symbolic icons.



Charts are the key element in fintech applications, there are different styles of charts but the trend is using flat charts with minimal effects and no guidelines. 


by Gregory Riaguzov


by Brave Wings

There is no doubt that financial technology or fintech apps play a great role in making the process of online payments simple and fast.  In recent years, the term has evolved from a buzzword to a trend that is still growing at a higher rate. In fact, people are now gradually switching to digital payment methods from the traditional methods. However, it has forced the companies to offer something better, i.e., a well-designed app with the best fintech user experience.

100 percent mobile-friendly UI design

A professional Software company will always focus on a mobile-friendly UI design while developing a fintech app. Now companies are trying to bringing authentic offline financial transactions to smartphones so that the users can enjoy the services at their fingertips. The long queues, singing a lot of documents and more- all these things have become history. Now, modern fintech products with excellent designs have made all these things obsolete.

The new designs have smoothened the customer journey, and they also have lowered errors as well as operational costs. How? Well, the latest designs combined with modern technologies have automated different processes.

Across the world, there are more than 3 billion smartphone users, and per second, Google witness more than 40,000 searches. So, it can be said that to find more potential customers, fulfill their requirements and convert them into your valuable customers, you will have to go mobile-friendly.

However, you should remember that making the fintech app mobile-friendly is not just about making the UI design responsive for different types of screens. You need to understand the behavior of the customers and then optimize the user experience accordingly.

The trend of social fintech UI designs

As various online communities, for example, social media platforms, are rising with time, this has changed how people view their finance. In fact, they are also ready to discuss about money within their circles without any hesitation.

All these things have fueled a new design called the “Social Fintech Designs.” In simple words, such a design combines the users’ financial behavior and social interaction patterns.  Here, the users can easily collaborate their financial skills, goals, and learnings within the desired social network. On the other hand, fintech apps that can help the users to manage their bills, get loans or recommend investment plans can increase credibility as well as retain customers.

The whole world is now witnessing massive changes in what customers need, how they want it, and use it. So, follow the design trends while developing your fintech mobile app, and you can witness huge success in the industry.

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