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2021 Top 10 Web Development Companies

Currently, there are around 1.86 billion websites present in the world. All these numbers will rise to higher levels due to the huge shift from just brick-and-mortar businesses towards online stores creation in 2021. Also, an average user is going to spend only 5 seconds on the written content of the website and mainly focus on the design or experience of the site. Here are 2021 top 10 web development companies.

It means that a clutter-free and smooth experience site will interest users to be in the site. An amazing web design draws the attention and right audience. It compels them to take specific actions. A well-designed site is currently a major necessity for brands, and for that, you require to hire one of the best agencies. With numerous web or mobile app development companies and agencies, identifying reputable ones can be a big challenge.

So, here there is a list that can help you with the research, and you could expect mind-blowing results when you opt for any company mentioned here. They are going to help you in building a website that elevates your brand and provides an excellent web experience for converting site visitors into loyal customers. But before anything, you must know the way to choose the right web development company.

How to Choose the Best Web Development Company?

Picking out the ideal web development software company can be the most intensive process. For this, you need to consider the budget, check reviews, appropriate location, and compare experience levels and clients’ numbers. Moreover, you have to drill down way deeper to analyze the web development company’s work. The following are the aspects that you should consider for getting a nice web development company.

1. Location:

Considering location will make it a lot easier to work with the members of the team in the same time zone. It also eases the process of getting in touch whenever the requirement arises.

2. Budget:

Firstly, you should focus on planning the amount you want to spend on your project. Then, you should search for a lot of web development agencies or companies to negotiate the budget.

3. Reviews:

A renowned and reliable company already has a better web presence. You can check Google reviews of their business and reviews from clients on other platforms or on their site. These reviews will give a good perception of the company and how the team is working.

4. Approach:

Every team uses a certain approach for problem solving and workflows for getting through the project. While selecting a company, you should look at a team that is flexible and can easily work on your requests if something goes wrong.

List of top web development companies in 2021

If you are looking for the best and well-reputed web development company, then you are at the correct place. Some of the best web development companies, according to their performance and experience, are listed here.

1. Jordan Crown:

It is a 4.9 star-rating web design and development company that emphasizes small and mid-market businesses. It is located in Western Australia, and they are presently spreading their footprints in real estate, manufacturing, and IT businesses. The company has an amazing team effort, professionalism, and great expertise.

2. BrainVire Infotech:

This Texas-based web app development company has remained as the backbone of many big brands’ websites like Walt Disney, Insomnia Cookies, Entrepreneur, and several others. With a 4.8 stars rating, it caters to small, enterprise, and mid-market businesses. The clients of the web development company recommend them due to high-quality delivery, their expertise, and effective communication. They are well-known for their bold, sharp, and big websites that drive audience engagement as well as traffic.

3. Storm Brain:

The company is reputed for wicked designs and marketing. It provides web development, design, and eCommerce website development services while having a five-star rating. Currently, their clients are across construction, healthcare, restaurants, government, and financial services sector. The client reviews show that the company is flexible, does effective management of the project, and creation of strong relationships with clients.

4. Enozom:

It is a popular software development company in Egypt, having a 4.7-star rating that focuses on providing web development, mobile app development, web design, and software testing. It has over 50 clients across 14 countries and is known for its work routine, team proficiency, and great adaptability to the requirements of the project. The websites they create are highly impactful and focused on increasing revenue and conversion rates.

5. PopArt Studio:

It is a web development company that is popular among many small businesses. The Serbia-based company’s client recommends it for its technical expertise, communication skills, excellent response time, and workflow process.

6. Fingent:

Fingent is a custom software and web development company with a 4.9 stars rating. Their present clientele includes small and mid-market businesses. It is setting known for quick responsiveness, willingness for taking challenges, and adaptability. They also offer innovative and budget-friendly solutions.

7. WebDevStudios:

It is a web development company in Poland with a rating of 5 stars on Clutch. It is new but has many notable mentions in top development companies. The companies’ user base comprises Microsoft, Discovery Communications, MTV, and Viacom. The clients recommend it for faster execution and timely delivery. Their solutions are responsive and creatively proficient.

8.  Drupal Partners:

Drupal Partners is a UI/UX design and development company having 4.9 stars. Their recognition comes from better skills in project management, high-quality work, timely delivery, and many other things.

9. Konstant Infosolutions:

It is a company with 4.7-star ratings on Clutch, and it is recommended for its reliability, response time, and great communication skills. The websites the company creates are professional-looking.

10. Huge:

This web design and development firm works with prominent brands of the world. The user-centric approach of their team for designing sites combines technology, data, and creativity. They engage with business on a global scale.


A genuinely top-class web development company will provide you way more than a nicely designed website. It can offer a website that amazes customers, sells the product, and position you as the global leader in your respective domain. So, go through the list thoroughly and select the right one.