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2021 Top 10 UI/UX Development Companies

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UI and UX are essential for a company that wishes to flourish through customer engagement and satisfaction. Provided that there’s a chance of users being uncertain about your product or service and its functionality, your business is in dire need of proper UI or UX development. Not only do UX development companies help you come up with a product strategy, but they assist you in identifying the users’ wants and requirements. In addition to that, user testing and the virtual design of the overall project are features of UI/UX development companies that tend to shine through.

While there are multiple UI/UX development companies in the market, the useability, conceptualization, advertisement techniques, culture, research, prices, and several other factors set them apart from each other. To find the ideal match for your business and plan, keep reading!


The global company was founded in 1991 and offers product design with innovative strategies. Based in California, Ideo has held a prominent presence in Silicon Valley’s tech sector, among most of the leading UX development companies. The interactive design feature encourages businesses to perform design thinking that may work towards rebranding a company’s image and management methods. The uniquely formed team of researchers, designers, and engineers operate simultaneously to achieve fast prototypes, innovative ideas for clients, and free-thinking capability for all firms.

Even though termed as expensive, Ideo offers a bundle of services that other UX development companies might not provide. As a result, it beholds a definite position in the market of UX agencies.


The UX development company was founded in 2012, offering a full-fledged bunch of software services. Starting from web designing and development to software and UX testing- Enozom has it all. Moreover, the ability and goal of serving small enterprises effectively have made a mark on the industry of UX development companies. Operating all over the world, Enozom specializes in adjusting to any scenario rapidly making it a number one choice for the users. The software development team from Enozom works efficiently towards UX through an innovative methodology that sets it apart from the rest. In addition to these, Enozom holds access to the latest technologies that the team utilizes for the highest customer satisfaction and agile software development.

The regulations and standards at Enozom make it one of the most organized UX development companies worldwide, through which it ensures proper testing procedures for any of the software development strategies.

UX Studio

The independent European agency has been ranked in the topmost position for multiple categories, for which it has won awards as well. The fast growth of UX Studio has set it apart from its competitors; its unique product design strategy adds the cherry on top. The research and design team in UX Studio works alongside the partners themselves, ensuring the highest quality of virtual design and strategy implementation. The global platform has served Google, Netflix, HBO, and other renowned stages. Furthermore, UX Studio maintains a blog site with over 30,000 active readers across the globe.

The elaborate examination of industry trends and market patterns helps UX Studio to come up with some of the most innovative UX strategies- highly useful for your company if you wish to stand out.

Digital Telepathy

The web designing firm turned into a UX agency in 2011 and is renowned for its world-class services across the globe. With clients like Adobe in its basket, Digital Telepathy ensures sleek design and strategy for its users. In addition to the innovative UX strategies meant for the businesses to flourish, Digital Telepathy’s blog is home to almost 300,000 followers. The research and development team at Digital Telepathy focuses on the quality and uniqueness of user experience strategies while planning to improve them at every step.


For more than 50 years, Frog has been around and has bagged some of the biggest clients in the market. From typical business branding to digital transformation and developing UX strategies, Frog jumps through it all. To top it all off, Frog has offices across the globe that help it to manage clients from different parts of the world simultaneously. As an additional point, Frog manages to stand out in digital interfaces, branding, and hardware development in comparison to other UX agencies worldwide.


Designit comprises 16 studios across the globe, with its founder being one of the first people to realize the importance of web design and UX development for businesses. Google and Starbucks happen to be on the clients’ list for Designit, where it provides these leading companies with interaction and service design projects. The unique ideologies and strategies implemented by this agency help the giants leap towards attaining better UX in the upcoming days. In addition to these, Designit offers boot camps, webinars, and training to ensure active participation in the education sector as well.


The platform is well known for its unique marketing ideas, corporate solutions regarding identity, and service designs. Founded in 1991, Methos is operating across the globe currently, with amazing customer reviews throughout.

Work & Co.

One of the fastest-growing UX agencies in the market, Work & Co. jumped to the top in 5 years. The fresh interface that the company offered happened to be bold and worthy of several awards, grabbing the desired attention for this UX development firm.


Mainly based on Accenture’s clientele management, Fjord is a designing agency from Europe. It focuses on the clients’ requirements and designs strategies as per the instructions. With creative methodologies, Fjord provides high-quality service design to its customers, ensuring better UX.

Nielson Norman Group

The UX consultation firm excels in research and training while offering advisory services worldwide as well. The feedback reports and thorough research to ensure UX is what paves the path for this company to the topmost UX agencies.


Users are a critical part of a UI/UX development companies’ success, which means UX and UI are vital. The development agencies stated in this article each offers distinct advantages. It depends on your business type and clientele which agency you should choose.