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2021 Top 10 Software Testing Companies

Software testing companies is a vital part of the user experience process- its job is to ensure that your software is thoroughly checked and verified through proper testing procedures before being available to the users. As a result, software testing helps your company t identify any drawbacks and areas for improvement, and work accordingly. A good software company must have satisfactory testing quality, good experience in domains, and available support for its customers at any time of the day. With that being said, the type of business you’re into or the sort of software in question shall decipher your choice of software testing company. This article provides you a list of the topmost software testing companies that might be your ideal partner for the process!

Performance Lab

With an experience of more than 13 years, Performance Lab specializes in testing services and premier load across all industries. Their main focus lies on unique methodology and useful tools, along with expert individuals working behind. The company further stresses value maximization through optimal service provided to its customers. The reliability factor of Performance Lab is renowned across the globe, making it a no.1 choice for most businesses.


Enozom is a complete package of web development, designing, software testing, and UX. The fast-growing company tends to cater to both big and small enterprises, making it versatile and innovative. The ability to subject solutions according to the clients’ situation is a great advantage of Enozom. Moreover, Enozom is renowned for its unique approach to achieve a better user experience and perform effective software testing. Overall, the innovative ideology and methods of Enozom set it apart from the rest of the market.  In addition to these, the company further develops software improvement strategies after the testing.


The American company’s major goal is to ensure quality assurance through effective software testing and development. The company guarantees a better user experience and is in demand in the market for this reason. Moreover, QualityLogic works in several industries like media, entertainment, imaging, retail, e-commerce, smart energy, and others. In other words, the company is versatile and maintains the trust of clients via organized and quality services. In addition to these, QualityLogic’s clientele is spread around the globe- making it a global option for software testing.


The independent company is based in Colorado and has multiple headquarters across the world. The expert professionals at a1qa ensure quality service across all sectors, as well as reliable performance for the clientele to build their trust on. Furthermore, a1qa employees work towards achieving distinct business goals and missions through software testing and developing them wherever improvement is required. The quality assurance and existing clientele make the company one of the topmost in the software testing industry.


Aside from being a software testing company, ImpactQA is a quality assurance and consultation business as well. with 10 years of experience in the market, this company shall perform software testing on your products thoroughly, ensure quality, and further advise you on how to lead the industry as well. In other words, it’s an all-in-one package! Furthermore, the cost-effective and insightful approach from the expert individuals in the company works towards a customer-centric outcome, enabling a better user experience. In addition, ImpactQA operates across several countries worldwide.

QA Mentor

Based in New York, this company has grabbed multiple awards in several categories for its outstanding performance through the years. The professionals of QA Mentor ensure the quality of the services and effective software testing, across 8 countries with a range of 30 distinct services. In addition to that, the company is renowned in the Testing Space sector along with the Quality Assurance sector.  Not only does QA Mentor serve market leaders, but it provides innovative services to the start-ups as well. In other words, versatility is a thing in here!


Managed application testing is the main focus for Testlio. With their existing client base, Testlio aims to achieve a premium user experience through different methodologies and ideas. The flexible testing solutions from Testio are on demand in the market currently, with a team of expert testers coming up with unique approaches to software testing. Aside from these, Testlio ensures functionality, useability, and potential for localization. Testlio is one of the software testing companies that are reliable when it comes to premium customer experience. 


The designers, software engineers, and project managers at AllianceTek have a goal to tailor solutions according to their clients’ needs and requirements. As a result, the company provides end-to-end subjective solutions accompanied with the latest technology, tools, and methodology of using them. Not only do they prepare your project, but they ensure quality and accuracy through multiple audits and software testing. In other words, they shall aid you through the whole project development procedure. Furthermore, AllianceTek is famous for catering to customers’ feedbacks timely, which is a great advantage in this industry.


With an aim of digital innovation, Powercode and its team strive towards making the user experience better through their unique designs. While their designs are tailored to each client, Powercode tries to make every aspect of the software testing process enjoyable. They wish to be anything but boring. In addition to these, Powercode blends your company’s missions and objectives into effective products throughout. Overall, it is a customized process.

Zymr, Inc.

Based in Silicon Valley, this company focuses on cloud software testing and development. They develop software that is purposeful and fit for their client base while ensuring an improved user experience. Furthermore, they offer cloud application development services due to their lengthy technological experience.


Software testing is an important step to complete before the products are available to the public. As a result, companies tend to put as much stress on software testing and development as possible. Hence, the topmost software testing companies should be chosen to perform the process of software testing and quality assurance. Share this article with others and let them know the leaders of the software testing industry.