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10 Best Hotel Booking Apps: How to Find the Right One for You

Booking a hotel can be a big headache, especially when you have suddenly made a plan of going somewhere. But with many hotel booking apps available on mobile devices, remote hotel booking has been made easier than ever. But this has given rise to another issue, which is choosing the best hotel booking app. There are a lot, over hundreds, of hotel booking apps available on all platforms. Naturally, a few will be the best and most reliable. So here are our top 10 suggestions for the best hotel booking apps. Also, we have discussed some tips on how to find the right app for you.

10 Best Hotel Booking Apps is ranked one of the most popular hotel booking websites. It also has an equally popular and convenient smartphone app.

However, some may find the search option inconvenient. There is nothing wrong really, it just shows hostels with the hotels together. So if you want to not book hostels, you will need to filter them out.

It is a small matter. Other than that, the app is full of useful features. The most useful one is that you can view the address of the hotel in the local language. This can be very helpful when you are traveling to a new country and you don’t speak their language. is another great hotel booking app like What sets apart is that you get a free one-night hotel booking for every 10 hotel bookings you have made with their platform.

It is a great incentive to use this app. Moreover, they have stretched their network of hotel bookings in over 150 countries and different territories. You can filter your search to the territories you want.

So go ahead and try out


Priceline is well-known for two things. One, it is one of the longest-running hotel booking services (since 1997). Two, it has a unique name for its price feature which allows you to do budget searches on hotels.

The app is convenient and it is not limited to hotels only. You can book car rentals, flights, and cruises. It is like your 3600 booking app. We highly recommend it for those who are looking for budget hotel bookings. The name-your-price feature will be very useful for them,


Kayak is famous for its comparison feature. You can get a detailed comparison of over 100 travel sites in one search. The search can be highly customized and you can even set your price threshold.

Although the app is convenient and easy to use you will need to customize your search every time. Otherwise, they will show you the default results on top, which are usually high in price.


The Expedia hotel booking app comes with many exclusive limited-time deals. You can get discounts on your hotel booking via their apps. However, the discounts are not available on their website.

The app also lets you claim bonus points which can be used later to unlock more exclusive hotel booking deals.

Moreover, you can book car rentals, flights, travel packages, and other services provided by Expedia Inc. through the Expedia hotel app. It is similar to Priceline.


Trivago is a very popular hotel-searching app. You may have seen the commercial of this app frequently on television during sports events.

Well true to the commercials, Trivago does search other hotel websites including Agoda, Expedia, and Priceline and show their price in a list for easy comparison.

However, Trivago does trick us by placing some high-priced deals on top of the list with green colors and better deals on grey colors in the middle and bottom areas of the list.

You need to be more careful while choosing a hotel deal on Trivago.

Booking Buddy

Booking Buddy is like Trivago. But unlike Trivago, it does not try to hide the best deals from you by showing the expensive ones on top.

One unique thing about Booking Buddy is that it shows both hotel room and vacation rental costs together.

Hotels Combined

We would not be surprised if you have never heard of Hotels Combined before. It is a relatively new app in the accommodation business.

But it is showing great potential with unique features. The best feature is that you can get more photos and details of the hotels and rooms you are booking. The other best feature is email notifications that alert you whenever your listed hotel rooms get discounts of over 10%.

Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight is best for last-minute bookings. You can book a hotel room for the same evening as the booking day. You can also book hotels up to a week before checking in.

You can also get great discounts if you are lucky. Their discounts can go up to 50%.


Agoda was previously a famous hotel booking app in Asia. But they have scaled up their game and come to the USA. Surprisingly, they are competing well against many top players in the hotel booking business like Priceline and

Agoda frequently provides discounts on hotel bookings. Our recommendation about Agoda is to search for hotels in this app first. Then if you can’t find any exclusive deals, search for hotels in your other preferred apps.

How to Find the Right Hotel Booking App

Choosing the right hotel booking app may be tricky for you. But here are some tips to help you.

User reviews and experience

Pay attention to what other users of the app say in the review section in the AppStore/ PlayStore. It can help you find errors and eliminate the wrong apps.

App features

What exclusive features do the app offers that can be useful for you? For example, translating hotel locations in the local language.

Search options

Search filters such as setting your budget can be a great help in choosing the cheapest hotel deals.


So, that was our recommendation for the top 10 hotel apps. If you are having trouble choosing the right one for you, then check out our tips. They can surely help you out.